Minecraft: How to Make Your Own Minecraft World

Here I will show what you need to make a Minecraft world.

The first thing you have to do is, download.

You have to download a program called McEdit, when you have downloaded you have to go in to it, and then there will be alot of instructions. In there you can example make a house of gold, and then you can enter it in Minecraft.

This is how it looks like when you are making your own place. You can example put 10-100 TNT a place, and then just blow the place. Its really nice, but you can do everything you wants. 

When you make your world for the first time it will be hard, but you will learn it. 

If you already got a World, then you can actually enter it with Mcedit and look for any Monster Spawners near your place. Just look under ground, and if you are lucky you will find one. You can also change your spawn area. If you spawn a really awful place. Then just change, you can also move your player in Mcedit if you are close to die. 

Thanks for Reading i hope it helped

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