Minecraft Tricks – Water Elevator

Need a super-fast elevator?

Need to get up areas quickly? Need to get down to areas safely? Perhaps you will need to make a water elevator?

Requirements: A bucket, a water source, a high area, a boat.

Making a water elevator is very simple to make and use. Firstly, find a high area that you need to get up to and some water. Then collect the water and make your way up there and pour water at the top. Afterwards craft a boat and ride it into the water elevator. The boat should rapidly accelerate upwards where you want to go. You should make a little 2-3 block deep pool underneath to make simple safe jumps back down and where your boat can land safely to ensure that the boat is less likely to break during use.

You can use this for high platforms to look-out on the area around you, deep mine shafts and tall cliffs.

Video Version: http://tkd.blip.tv/

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  1. Posted November 17, 2010 at 12:35 pm

    Aww… I loved this until the recent patch… It broke boats in SMP

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