Minecraft Version 1.6.5 – a Good Version?

Many got 1.5 but is it better to have 1.6.5? I guess not.. Read more…

Many peoples just upgraded to 1.6.5 but its actually not a good version. There is not a huge different 1.5 and 1.6.5, but its just the version thats bad because it says. This is an Unlicensed copy, so the creator of minecraft knows that many peoples are cracking it.. and then there also are wired grass, it looks like weed but its just annoying grass. Its just not a good version

You can also duplicate stone pickaxes! Just put 9 stone pickaxes in a crafting box, and then you just click on your inventory while you got the 9 stone pickaxes in the crafting box. Then you can duplicate. 

So.. verson 1.6.5 is bad. I hope you still have 1.5 thats the best way to play minecraft. Maybe 1.7 will be better. But i will make a new Arcticle when that happens.

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