Monopoly Wii

For the active seeking Wii users this game is not for you – for the lazy lounge type Wii players then this game can comfortably fit into your gaming collection.

Monopoly doesn’t hold too many surprises, it is what it is but the Wii does its part in spicing things up and never fails to attempt to bring the fun factor to the table. If you want your standard Monopoly game then this of course caters for you but if you want to play the game at a couple of different perspectives then this game can too cater for you.

The Pros

Modifications to the standard game come in the form of monopoly ‘Richest Edition’ mode and also in the actual playing board itself. The latter modification to the game provides the chance to unlock numerous types of boards including a ‘sweet’ board, ‘cheese board’ and ‘ice board’ to name a few. These are successfully opened by completing a game on the previous board and owning each and every possible property, a feat done by simply winning the game. With new boards come new pieces to play with and this is another nice little feature Monopoly brings on the Wii.

Monopoly ‘Richest Edition’ is the other change in game play you can select. This mode gives you the chance to play as either a developer, industrialist or a tycoon and is a game of chance where you play mini games in order to decide how many ‘tokens’ you pick which in return are randomly scattered across the board. You then discover if you own something, owe somebody else a property or have a chance of a little surprise. It’s a good game mode once you catch gist of the rules and regulations and can be fun aided of course by the charming mini games.

And the Cons

Ok the cons to Monopoly Wii………….it does as you can imagine, get a little tedious. This though is a factor you find when playing board Monopoly anyway and is mainly down to the time it takes to sometimes finish a game. An annoying glitch in my opinion is the number of players you are forced to play with, four. If there’s only two of you wanting a quick head to head game…….. it’s not happening! You have to play with four and the computer takes up the remaining two places. To make this worse the computer frustratingly seems to buy the same properties each time, I guarantee player 3 will hold all four transport points and slowly wipe you all out until you become wise to this repetitive game plan!

Even if you do have four friends ready to go and are all set for a big multi-play game, you can’t unless you have four Wii remotes. If you only own two Wii remotes like myself then you’ll be thinking, ‘that’s ok we can share the two, this remote for you two and this one for us two’, well……. think again!…..if you don’t have four Wii remotes then you are forced to share just one remote between the four of you! It’s stupid not to have the option of using two but then this game does have one or two stupid problems with it.

One final bad point to this game is that of ‘Mr Monopoly’, your game guide. After 10 minutes of playing you’ve just about heard all of his little phrases. After 20 minutes of playing he starts to annoy you. After half an hour your about ready to jump into Wii Monopoly and get sent to jail for brutally murdering Mr Monopoly.

Review Score

All in all this is Monopoly and what you buy is what you get. The main bonus to this game is that it saves tidying up all the pieces at the end and also eliminates young children swallowing hotels! I give the game a steady 4 out of 10 as once you’ve had an hour playing on it the new board features just aren’t quite enough to compel you back to play.

Liked it
  1. Posted January 2, 2010 at 11:54 pm

    Lol I like the board game better =D

    Looks like the Wii version has some glitches that need some fixing, great article by the way!

  2. Posted April 16, 2010 at 8:42 am

    You can play two play on
    this game.
    When it comes to 3rd
    player. Where it you
    select level click the back
    arrow where it says
    easy level and this will
    take the 3rd player off!

  3. Posted April 16, 2010 at 8:43 am

    You can play two play on this game.
    When it comes to 3rd player. Where it you select level click the back arrow where it says easy level and this will take the 3rd player off!

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