MTG – EDH Commander Review: Hokori, Dust Drinker

A look at how to build a strong EDH deck around the Betrayer’s of Kamigawa legend Hokori, Dust Drinker. This is one mean commander that can put a stranglehold on your opponent!

There are a lot of choices for commanders (yes, I’m finally going to stop calling them genreals…) out there. There are those that are fast and dangerous, those that are slow but interesting, and then there are those that just make everyone angry as you laugh maniacly. This is one of those commanders. Today I’ll be talking about using Hokori, Dust Drinker as your commander. Let’s take a look at him first, and then we’ll move into more specifics.

Hokori has the relatively low casting cost of 2WW. A lot of commanders don’t cost this little, so that’s a good point right off the bat. Hokori’s ability is enough to make many players want to quit right after reading it. It makes lands no longer untap during the untap step and instead a player can untap a single land during their upkeep.

This can lock down an opponent that’s running cards with high mana costs. It’s best to play Hokori right after an opponent has tapped out to play a spell. Then the fun begins! Let’s look at the cards that will help you lock the game down after Hokori hits the board.

Since you’ll only be untapping one land per turn it’s important to drop a land every turn if possible. This will give you two untapped lands per turn. This card is an auto-include for most white EDH decks anyway, but there it is an absolute must! This ensures you’ll have a land to drop every turn (or at least until the lands run out). I must  stress that you should under no circumstances take out all the land from your deck. That’s just asking an opponent to destroy this enchantment, and leave you with a limited number of lands for the rest of the game.

This is another card that can help you increase the chances you’ll have land to drop. It will also insure your opponent won’t get too far ahead of you with their land count. In some cases dropping this on the first turn will make your opponent play more slowly to prevent you from getting to tutor some lands.

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