New Game Companies Sue Farmville

Agincourt Gaming, a new company entering the arena of social gaming is so confident against Zynga.

The company is still very young Demand pembesut FarmVile the patent related issues. Agincourt is probably most people are new or have never even heard his name, is the developer of a new social game on Facebook called th Pantheon.

But mention, his patents related to the social gaming industry has existed since 1996. According to Agincourt, in the second half of 2011 before they realized Zynga has violated several of his patents.

Infringement of patents is then registered with the District Court of Delaware, United States (U.S.). In the complaint, Agincourt revealed that his company is the owner of patents related to online games-based process credit and reward redemption system based on the outcome of games played.

For most people who know very well the social world of gaming, what is actually a generic question of Agincourt.

But it seems Agincourt argues that any Zynga games, including Farmville and Mafia Wars, using ideas that have the exclusive rights of others.

“Growth is very impressive Zynga not driven by its own cleverness, but as has been frequently reported that the business model mimics Zynga creative ideas and designs games from other game developers,” he stated in his complaint that was launched Agincourt TG Daily and quoted on Thursday (18/8/2011).

Then, fill up the complaint, Zynga use it as a force to crush the manufacturer’s original idea. Business strategy, it has infringed patents of Agincourt.

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