Ninja Gaiden 2: Final Boss Fight Help

This is for people that are having difficulties with the final boss of Ninja Gaiden 2.


(before you do fight this dude, you’ll have to fight his servant first)

*Mastery of the Quick-step technique will work wonders here!

The Archfiend: This guy is serioulsy butt-ugly and very tough as well. At this point its very obvious you’ll have to use the Demon bow for this since none of your normal attacks do damage. When the boss begins to open his mouth to fire a massive lazer beam at you, quickly charge up an arrow and hit him in the face to quickly stop him from blowing you away. He’ll quickly start barfing up “chum” at you in retaliation. Simply dodge the chum and charge up an arrow and aim for the blue orb in his chest (it’ll be glowing after you hit him in the face). He’ll also prepare a slam attack with him fist, dodge it and keep on attacking (he’ll barf every time you hit him in the face so be prepared to dodge after each time) . He’ll move up to another stage so you can continue to fight him at. (he’ll also, if you fail to stop him from doing this, puke out ghosts that upon being killed will provide you with health, kido, and money orbs)

* Each arena has a body to get arrows off of so you’ll never really run out of arrows, but it best you time your attacks and be ready to quickly refill to avoid getting hit while getting to one of the dead soldiers bodies for ammo and he gets a little faster after each defeat.

phase2: same as the first part, however he’ll be a little quicker in his attacks plus he will now sweep the arena with his hand now. After repeating the earlier steps he’ll fall in no time. A cut-scene follows and then the unexpected happens.

phase3: The boss gets seriously mad! this time he gone through and entire bad boy transformation with huge demon wings, powerful new techniques and looking pretty cool. In this fight it is all melee! Start off by quickly getting a few hits at his face and then quickly dodge to avoid his horn lazer attack. He’ll back off from the arena and start chucking fire balls at you so keep on the move to avoid them. He’ll do one of three different attacks: He’ll quickly go to the side of the arena and fly through the arena at jet-like speed hitting you with a massive sonic boom ( you can simply avoid this by going the the walls of the arena or to the cliffs edge), He’ll use his horn lazer attack again, and lastly he’ll jump onto the arena and start walking all over you (literally he’ll just walk on you ). If he decides to walk on you, you can quickly get a few good hits in and same goes for his horn lazer (except if you hit him to much he’ll grab you and perform a deadly grapple move on you that can kill you if you don’t have high hitpoints). I had to fight him with no health items (I spent almost all my money on healing items during the campagn since it had been a while that I played the first ninja gaiden) so I had to do this fight a number of times (if your new to ninja gaiden then it’s best you stock up on a lot of health items for this fight). It also depends on what weapon you choose that can make this fight either easy or hard ( I went with the Fiend sword/Dragon sword combo, which is obtained after defeating the Queen of the Archfiends the second round).

This is something I had on my mind after I beat Ninja Gaiden 2:

I thought to myself: ………………that’s it?…………this was the final boss fight? wow……….I was hoping for something that was almost IMPOSSIBLE sort of thing. I do have to admit: This boss is by far: the coolest looking boss in all of Ninja gaiden (in my own opinion). I just wish they gave him some more destructive techniques that would make it a little more challenging or epic since it’s the second of the series

Liked it
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