On Flash Games 124 – Super Stacker

Digital Jenga.

Stacking up to the 124th article of On Flash Games, we’ll offer some late-night (11:54 PM as of now) coverage of a flash game called Super Stacker. Get yours at Kongregate. You see some shapes above smiling coyly, and it’s your job to balance them, however precariously. Fighting time and physics, mouse about and drop them, and after the placement of the final piece, the entire structure must stand solid for ten seconds, whereupon, you’re onto the next level.
I liked this one, simple games are awesome, as the play is the thing. Lining up these little pieces can be a maddening exercise in attention to detail, but you can get an edge on it by zooming in your browser by holding down Control and using your mouse button, while unfocused on the game itself. Super Stacker stacks up to four out of five stars.

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    Interesting game

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