On Flash Games 38 – Kingdom Rush

Tower defense!

Greetings, dear readers. Thirty eight entries in, On Flash Games brings you coverage of Kingdom Rush, which you can play here on Kongregate. The game begins with the publisher’s logo, Armor Games. Another of Armor’s tower defense offerings ranks in my favorite flash games, so the bar is set.
Kingdom rush delivers on this – the gameplay is like typical tower defense, albeit with limited tower positions. Another enjoyable part of the game is there is stuff for you do while you wait for the creeps, of which come in your genre-standard normal||swarm||armored||flying (little C++ for you there) variants to march in, like calling in reinforcements and dropping swarms of meteors. The assets in the game are well created, the voice overs grant a certain freneticness to the gameplay. It’s good, nothing new, but still good, earning itself 4/5 stars, according to myself on Kongregate.

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