Atlantica Online Gold Making Tips

A guide to help beginners and newer players make gold in the MMORPG Atlantica Online. Everyone can effectively earn gold without having to shell out hard earned cash.

There are various ways for new players to make gold in Atlantica Online without having to spend hard earned cash.

During your first few levels you won’t need much gold. But it is a good idea to hoard everything in sight until you make your first trip to the Market in any town. Do not sell large quantities of items to the roadside Merchants, they are a rip off. The Market is player driven and goes by supply and demand, so you’re likely to get a better deal for even the cheap junk.

Selling Enchant Boxes

If you’re not interested in Enchanting your gear, you can sell all those Enchant Box [Beg] you get from monster drops. Usually they sell for more than 1,000 gold on the market. Sell 50 of them, which you should be able to collect, and you’ll have 50,000. This, to be perfectly honest, isn’t very much in the long run. However, as a beginner 50,000 gold will let you buy some gear or crafting materials. Or, you can save it.

Enchanting Gear

If you don’t want to sell your Enchant Boxes, which are very handy for upgrading your gear, then you can use them. Upgrade your gear, and when you hit level 15 sell your enchanted weapons and armor. Or, keep enchanting it more and more and sell the newer gear you don’t want. You can sell the gear boxes, such as the Ocean Box, or you can sell each gear piece separately. Again, this won’t make a terrible amount of gold, but you’re working your way up there.

Treasure Hunting 

If you really want to make a nice sum of gold you should go exploring. Avoid the nasty high level enemies, which isn’t very hard to do, and roam the world. It is rather exciting, seeing the world of Atlantica. The graphics are pretty so you can enjoy the eye candy as you run around. Once you’ve visited many cities in different sections of the map you should buy at least one Ornate Treasure Map. These are a risk, and can cost 15,000 or more. Once you right click on the map you’ll be notified a Treasure Chest will appear in 5 minutes. Open your map, locate the Treasure Chest. Teleport to the nearest city (this is why you went exploring, so you can teleport to various cities) and then quickly run to the chest from that city. Once it appears, you have 1 minute to ‘attack’ it before it vanishes. If it vanishes, you get nothing and just lost 15,000. After a few maps you can get pretty good at treasure hunting. You can use a Teleport License to teleport all over the place or, when you’re in town, use the Travel Agency and shell out around 2,000 gold per trip. Tip: Make sure you have enough Will to teleport; it usually takes about 70% Will. The Treasure Chests can contain Misc. items that will sell for 70-80k or Insignia Licenses that will sell for 250-350k. You can also get boxes from the chests that contain crystals or enhance stones that can also be sold or hoarded. Buy a few maps and you might find something really awesome. I’ve found 3 Hydra’s Claws, which sell for at least 1,000,000 (that’s 1 million, incase you didn’t know).

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