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Bored? Grab a great indie game.

Indie, or independent games are neat little products of imagination, sometimes utilizing unique game mechanics not often seen in the mainstream. While some of these may be sloppy little wastes of time, there are several gems to be found, which are surprisingly entertaining considering that they were made by either one person, or a small group of people.

In this article, I’ll share five great games, possibly a few more in a day or two. Check them out!

Yume Nikki

An interesting Japanese indie game, Yume Nikki (meaning “Dream Diary” in English) brings a new concept by focusing on exploration and ability collection. You play as a girl seemingly suffering from agoraphobia, so you cannot exit the room that you start in. Instead, you jump into the room’s bed and explore the ensuing dreamscape. Numerous powers and abilities can be found in the girl’s psyche, ranging from a bike to the ability to turn into a stoplight, which can make exploring easier or unlock other area through their use. Unfortunately, it seems that this girl’s mind is not all well, and you run into some pretty messed up stuff as you delve deeper into her head. I’ll say this now, this game WILL freak you out.


Download the English version HERE.

Cave Story

Possibly the most popular indie game out there, Cave Story features Metroid-esque gameplay, with numerous different weapons, alternate endings, and a great story. An interesting aspect of the game is that you earn experience from killing monsters, which is used to level up your guns. Each gun has three levels, with each one having different effects & damage. This game is a must-play!

Download the English version HERE.

Dwarf Fortress

Don’t let the sloppy ASCII graphics fool you, Dwarf Fortress is a great game, and one of the best indies out there. Not only does it boast a gloriously descriptive and vast rougelike mode, there is also a Sim-City meets Evil Genius-esque Fortress mode, in which you micro-manage your dwarves to construct an underground city complete with farms, workshops, stockpiles and more. Also, if you happen to lose in Fortress mode (overrun by goblins, starve, etc), the ruins of your city can be found in adventure mode, with the items left inside before the loss. As it’s said in DF, “Losing is Fun!”

Download it HERE.

I Wanna Be The Guy : The Movie : The Game

This game hates you. It will take every single chance it gets to turn The Kid (you) into a bloody smear on the floor (most likely also you) as you quest to become The Guy. Nothing is as simple as it looks, and all screens are often facemeltingly difficult, but as you advance, you will be treated to numerous level parodies of games such as Zelda, Mega Man, & Metroid. There’s even a hilarious Castlevania “What is a Man?” scene. This is only for the hardest of the hardcore. You WILL die, and die, and die die die. If you can beat this, I salute you.

Download it HERE.

Warning Forever

Now, I love shmups, and as anyone that plays shmups knows, the boss fight is the best part. Now what if you had an entire game of bosses? Well, that’s exactly what Warning Forever seeks to accomplish. Not only does it generate bosses so that each one is different, but it detects how you beat the last boss, and builds itself to close that weak spot. The result is quite an entertaining game, that never plays the same twice.

Download it HERE.

That’s it for this post, hopefully these games’ll tide you over till the next!

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  1. micaiah
    Posted February 23, 2009 at 3:25 pm

    indie games are so not cool

  2. Chris
    Posted September 27, 2009 at 8:26 am

    Excuse me? Castle Crashers? Alien Hominid? Madness Interactive?

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