Blizzard Bungie Will Help with a New Mmog

Blizzard Bungie will help with a new MMOG.

Speaking with Edge, vice president of design Rob Pardo of Blizzard – said that the company will extend a helping hand to developers of the legendary Halo. The authors have volunteered to participate in the creation of fresh multi-project from Bungie. On the genre of game experts have not yet spread. Edition of the product will the company Activision. Announcement will take place no earlier than 2012.

In the meantime, fans can enjoy the creativity of Bungie militant Halo: Reach. It not only tells the fascinating story of the first major clash of earthlings and the Covenant, but also allows you to better understand the background of the series. In addition to entertaining single-player campaign, multiplayer shooter equipped with multiple spanning modes.

Halo: Reach works only on Xbox 360.

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