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There are very few sites that give in detail clues and hints to beat this game. I have a few for you.

Crime City Hints

Playing Crime City can be a fun experience or a dreadful one. There are some things that will make the game easier to make it further in the game. You start out with a small neighborhood, and are given goals, and places to visit to complete for experience, money, skill points, respect, and items. There are some things you need to keep in mind. Rackets, Collections, Buildings, Skill Boosts, and Skill Points.

Rackets- These buildings generate money to collect in different time intervals. If you want to get more money quicker, you can set the time for five minutes. The more you upgrade your building, the more the money you get. Set the times for the Rackets according to how much you play. The longer the time, the more possibility you have of getting something for a collection. Start by buying several of the same building to get more money, and more items for collections. You need as many as possible that give Iron, and Money for rewards. The more the money you get, the higher pay out for each reward. Most people have some Pawn Shops, Laundry-mat, Pizza Parlor, and Houses.

Collections- Collections are collected from areas, buildings, and Fights. The rewards are from collecting Items when you Rob, somebody, or when you Protect a neighbor in your mafia. It is recommended to follow the Goal section on the left of the screen to get access skill points, experience, and items. Collections are Traded after collecting all the Items in the section. You can save some for later, or use them right away. It is recommended for you to rob any place that you see in a rival area to get the items for the collections that you own buildings for. When you go to a neighbor in your mafia, you are given the option to protect the building. This will give you items, energy, and money.

Skill Points- You get skill points every time you gain a level. You also get one every time you complete all the goals in an area. You might start in Packer Heights, and end up in the Financial District. When all the goals are completed in the order that they make a noise as a new goal; You will get one skill point. When you want to complete as many goals as possible, you should spend skill points until you get your energy up to 300 at least. You also need to get stamina. It costs 2 skill points to add one stamina on your profile. You will need stamina to rob in rival areas fight bosses, or fight in an arena. You may think that adding to your strength and defense helps a lot, but it don’t. It is recommended that you add the energy, and stamina until you feel like you should put some points on the other skills.

Mafia Size- Your strength and defense go up more when you invite more people to join you in your mafia. It is best done by visiting Crime City forums, and communities. You can send a comment on each persons profile to add them as a friend, especially if they are on a forum. It is most likely that they play everyday.

Most recommended buildings- Carousel, House, Pizza Parlor, Pawn Shop, Mini Mart, and when you get more room in your neighborhood, get several Lofts, until you can afford bigger buildings with more payouts. These buildings are recommended because a lot of people use the same ones. Click them wherever you find them. Whether you are protecting, robbing, etc.

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