Find Free Old-School PC and MS-DOS Games Online

Your favorite old PC games and MS-DOS versions don’t have to be forgotten in a world of new, high-speed games. Old-school downloads are available all over the web for fans who miss those classic adventures.

We all miss those classic PC games and MS-DOS versions we thought we outgrew. Faster, graphically-stunning games can’t entirely replace old-school favorites like Pac-man or Ski Free. Although many of these games are virtually extinct as software purchases, many are available in free (or sometimes cheap) downloads that keep oft-neglected and little-known software alive.

Websites like Acidplay keep fans connected to beloved titles and few forgotten relics of the past. Supaplex, the Pacman-style puzzle game, is available in a shareware version, complete with its hundred or so levels of strategy and fun. Fans of “Chicken Invaders” can catch up on forgotten techniques, along with other adventure, puzzle, and racing favorites.

If you long to play World Empire again (despite the old-school geography lesson) then Classic DOS Games has the answer for you in all five versions, including a freeware version of the classic DOS software. “Mad Dog” Williams is also available, along with “Castle Adventure” and a few nintendo favorites designed for PC fans.

Dos Games Archive offers similar selections and a few old-school adventures and fan favorites. Prince of Persia 4D is available in freeware; Pac PC II lets players relive the video experience of yore, complete with cheesy graphics. “Lemmings” fans will be happy to see freeware available of this long-forgotten classic.

Play to your heart’s content with shareware and freeware and relive the strategy and skill behind those early computer games! 

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