Flyff: Choosing Your Class

In this article you will find key-points of all the classes from the game fly for fun.

I’ve played Flyff for a long time. Long time for me is about 3 to 4 years? Well, Flyff is a very good game that involves leveling up. At the beginning, you have to create a character and explore more of Fly for fun. At level 15 you make your first change toward the game. You can choose to become a Mercenary, Acrobat, Assist, or a magician. Forward on I will explain more about each class and their second job change.

Mercenary: This character is mainly defined as “Swordsman”. The mercenary uses one sword and a shield until level 60. The mercenary throughout the game is quite good. All you need is to build the stats of the Mercenary according to your future job change. For example, strength is the main attribute. At level 60 is the decisive choice; you can go for Knight or Blade.

1.            Knight: The Knight isn’t known as 1 vs. 1, but as Area of Effect killer. This means that the knights need stamina as well as strength. Stamina gives life and defense. Stamina permits the knight to kill many monsters at once. The knight equips one two-handed sword or two-handed axe. The knight being an Area of Effect killer is known as a fast leveler. The cons for the knight might be 1 vs. 1 in person vs. person. In person vs. person the knight might not be as good as others. Knight is a wise choice if you are only interesting in leveling and you have a good computer.

2.             Blade: The blade is known as a fast killer, but low hit points. This means that the blade needs more strength and dexterity instead of stamina. Strength gives damage. Dexterity gives attack speed. The strength permits the blade to kill any monster very fast. The blade equips two one-handed swords or two one-handed axes. It could also be one-handed axe and one-handed sword, but it isn’t recommended at all. Except for the high levels. The blade focuses more at person vs. person. The class blade is a fast killer. It might be called a normal leveler; it isn’t an Area of effect character. The cons for this character would probably be if more than two monsters were attacking you at once. Blade for me is a very interesting and great choice. *Note: It is an expensive character, only play if you have the money*

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