Free Omgpop Coins and Star Membership

Learn how to get free OMGPOP coins and free OMGPOP Star.
Free OMGPOP Coins can be used to buy game accessories and customizations. Free OMGPOP Star can be used to beta test games and much more.

OMGPOP is a flash based website where people from all countries can play games, hang out, and socialize. OMGPOP was founded in late 2006, by Charles Forman in Soho, New York. Since then, the site has taken off and has been featured by many prominent institutions, such as Time Magazine.

OMGPOP offers several games for its users. The top games are Ballono, Draw My Thing, and Ball Racer. Ballono is the most popular game on OMGPOP. The game is similar to Bomberman where users drop water balloons on one another. Draw My Thing is similar to pictionary and Ball Racer is similar to a 2-D Super Monkey Ball Game.

In OMGPOP, users can use coins to enhance their game play. OMGPOP coins let you buy game items, special costumes, and avatar customizations. Similarly, OMGPOP offers star membership: An exclusive membership that allows you to experiment with games in the beta and also gives you special game items.

However, to get more OMGPOP coins or OMGPOP star membership, users have to pay. However, there exists a way to get free OMGPOP coins and free OMGPOP Star Membership. An Ultimate Game Card (UGC) for $10 will get you 72000 coins or 3-month star membership. By getting a $10 UGC for free, one could get free OMGPOP coins and free OMGPOP Star.

The following website provides instructions on how to get a free ultimate game card for free OMGPOP coins and OMGPOP Star. Coins and Star membership will truly enhance your experience at OMGPOP.

Free OMGPOP Coins

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