Gaming Abbreviations: Vocabulary for Gamers

Ever wandered into a videogame and wondered "WTH" people were talking about? Medi gives you a short list of invaluable gaming vocabulary.

All videogames, particularly MMORPGs, have specific shorthand codes that refer to game content. Here is a list of abbreviations that apply across most games. If you’re confused at anything people say, this should help you out a bit!

Market Speak

WTS = Want to sell. i.e. “WTS Gilded Blade”

WTB = Want to buy

WTT = Want to trade

–k = — thousand gold. i.e. 10k = 10,000 gold.

–m = — million gold. i.e. 10m = 10,000,000 gold.

c/o = Current Offer

b/o = Buyout price

obo = Or Best Offer

Playing with Others

LFG = Looking for group

LFP = Looking for party (group) or Looking for people

vent = Ventrilo, a VOIP program used by gamers to communicate whilst playing.

mumble = another VOIP program

ts3 = Teamspeak 3, another VOIP program


BRB = be right back

AFK = away from keyboard, not at computer

BRT = be right there

WB = Welcome back

WD = Well done

cg = congratulations

gz = congratulations

loot = Items dropped from monsters, or items obtained from chests

spawn = Items that appear on the ground. Can also refer to a group of monsters that appear

mob = Group of monsters

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