Garry’s Mod/Team Fortress 2 Dedicated Server

How you can make a Garry’s Mod/Team Fortress two dedicated server. And help with your Static Ip.

I’m gonna explain how you can make a Gmod/TF2 dedicated server.

For extra help you can watch this movie

1.    Download HLDSupdatetool. (

2.    Install it in C:/HLserver ( you need to make a map in C: and name it HLserver.)

3.    Download the following 2 things and put that agian in C:/HLserver( and

4.    Then launch updategmod or update tf2 (computer -> C: -> HLserver)

       It gonna download a lot of things and that takes a round 1.5 hour to download! If you gonna update both you will need more then 5 gig of free space.

5.    If it’s finished create a shortcut to your desktop from SRCDS. (computer -> C: -> HLserver -> orangebox)

6.    Rename it for gmod Srcds – Gmod and for tf2 rename it Srcds – Team Fortress 2

7.    Now right click on Srcds – Team Fortress 2/Srcds – Gmod and click on properties. Then put in target: C:HLServerOrangeboxsrcds.exe -game TF and for Gmod C:HLServerOrangeboxsrcds.exe -game garrysmod 

8.   You can put mods in the server as same you will do that for Team Fortress and Garry’s mod. But then you do that in C:HLserverOrangebox and then the game you want to mod.

Now you will have a server running on your lan. If you want to go online you need to do some more things.

9.   Go to

10.  Choose your router.

11.  Click on Click here to skip this advertisement

12.  Follow the instructions. Scroll al the way down.

13. Download port checker and check if your port has been properly forwarded.

14. Succes with your own server :D .

Static IP

For Windows Vista:

For extra help go to

1. Open start menu and start Run.

2. typ in the box cmd and click on okay.

3. Type ipconfig /all in the window that had opened.

4. You need to write down the following things: Ip Adress,  Subnet Mask, Default Gateway, and Name Servers

5. Type exit in that window.

6. Open your Control Panel.

7. Open Network and Sharing Center.

8. Click Manage Network Connections.

9. Right click on your network and click on properties.

10. You will agian see a button with properties in the new window. Click on properties.

11. Before you make any chages write down the numbers that are in the boxes.

12. You should see a dot in the Obtain an IP address automatically box. If you do not, your connection is already setup for a static ip. Just close all these windows and you are done.

13. Pick an ip address and enter it into the IP Address box. The ip address you choose should be very similar to the router’s ip addres. Only the last number of the ip address should be different. If the router’s ip address is, I might choose The ip address you choose should end with a number between 1 and 254, and should not be the same as the router’s ip address. Every device that connects to your network needs to have it’s own ip address.

14. And change in the boxes Subnet Mask and Default Dateway the numbers you had written down earlier.

15. Your new created ip adress is your static ip.

16. Of you can’t connect any more to the internet you have to change everything back. Or call your IPS.

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