How Do You Get Hens on Farm Town?

Need to get some eggs for your bakery, maybe to make some chocolate cake or cookies? Putting chickens in your chicken coop won’t help; you need hens, not chickens. And if you search the store for "hens," you won’t find any. But there is a way. ..

Despite the confusingly named “Chicken Coop,” you actually need Hens to lay eggs. And you can’t buy them in the store.

The only way to get a Hen is as a gift. Ask your friends to give you Hens. There are a couple ways to do this.

Depend on Karma and Some Heavy Hinting

1. Click the “Send Gifts” tab on the left side, at the top of the Farm Town screen. Send all your Farm Town friends a hen.

Facebook will send them a message from you, saying they received a gift. The message will say, “Here is a Hen for your Farm in Farm Town. Could you send me some back?”

Hopefully, your friends will send you Hens in return.

Ask Directly

2. Ask one friend directly, not through Farm Town. (Email, IM, phone, face-to-face.) Then, after your friend sends the hen, go to the “My Gifts” screen in Farm Town. Hover your mouse over the “Hen,” and two boxes will appear: “Use” and “More.” 

Click “More.”

You then have the choice to ask your friends for more Hens. Click “Yes.” You can then publish a request to your Facebook wall, where it will appear in your news feed. 

The basic request says, “I received a new Hen as a gift for my farm in FarmTown, and liked it so much that I want more!” You can also add text of your own, if you want. The post includes a link your friends can click to send you hens.

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