How to Get to Singapore & Malaysia on Maplestory – Post Big Bang

This is how you get to Singapore and Malaysia on MapleStory, updated version; post big bang. This also shows some of the best monsters to train at in MapleStory for the fastest leveling up.

To get to Singapore, go to Kerning City by taxi or alternatively go to “Six Path Crossway” map which is in the middle of all towns. Kerning City should be the one on the top left hand of the map. Go to town.

In Kerning City, look for a NPC named Irene Ticketing Usher. She is located in the middle building of Kerning City, above the potion shop; climb the ladders until you see her. Click on her, then click “I would like to buy a plane ticket to Singapore”.

Click on her again, this time clicking the second option; “Let me go in to the departure point.” She will let you in, or tell you to wait for a few minutes. Once inside, don’t click the pilot or he will ask you if you want to get out. Wait until the plane starts moving.

When the plane is moving, it only takes a short while until the plane lands. You will land in the Singapore Airport.

To get to Malaysia, you have to be at Singapore. In Singapore, there should be a NPC named Audey near the top left of Singapore map who is standing next to a motorcycle. Click on her and pay the 10k mesos or alternatively pay the 1k mesos and keep going right until you get to Malaysia.

Monsters in Singapore such as Truckers give 495 experience each. This is probably the best monster to train on from about level 43 to 70 since it’s the most fastest experience to get for the moment. They are located on the right of Singapore, keep going until you see two separate portals on one map, go left.

Monsters in Malaysia such as Galloperas give about 2.5k experience each. This is probably good to train on around level 90 to 120. They are located on the last map of Malaysia if you keep going right.

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