How to Make Millions on Gaia

Many millionaires love showing off their spiffy avatar on… ever wonder how they’d ever come to afford it, though? Here are some tips.

So you’ve created an account on Gaia (, now what? Of course, your avatar would be one of your top priorities in jazzing up. You can design dream avatars at As you may have noticed, many fashionable items are priced in the thousands, hundred thousands, and even in millions! That devastated feeling just won’t do for you. Here are some tips to earning a lot of gold and achieving that dream avatar.

1. Post in the forums!

There are many forums out there in which you can actively participate in. You can also bump in forums to help increase the popularity of a thread. If you don’t know where to bump, you can bump on my thread:

Don’t know what bumping is? Bumping is posting on someone’s thread to keep it alive so it can stay on the first few pages (so that more people will be able to see it easily). 

The first bump of the day rewards 75 gold, and then after that the amount will range from 30-60 and gradually decrease. What next? While you’re in the forums, take a vote on some polls for gold as well. It may not seem a lot, but it will add up later on. The first vote you make rewards 15 gold, and the rest will give you roughly 10 gold. 

2. Comment on profiles! 

Make a few friends and start conversations on their profile page. The first comment of the day rewards 40 gold, and then after that you’ll get 10-30 gold. Not only does it grant gold, but also allows you to connect with your friends. 

3. Surf the Net!

Go around random places, and you will get the occasional few gold. Always get the Daily Chance, and anything that gives you free gold at the top section of the website. If you get the Daily Chance for a week in a row then the prizes will increase in value! 

4. Invest in the MC!

If you are willing to donate a few buck to Gaia then invest in the Monthly Collectible. After buying one, leave it in your inventory for a few years or so and wait for the price and value to increase. A few dollars worth could turn to a few million after a few years. If you want to, you can also buy Gaia Cash and use it on Cash Items, which have more value than gold items. You can also wait a few years and sell them when the price is high enough. 

5. Play games!

I wouldn’t recommend playing the games on Gaia that much, since they don’t reward a lot of gold. zOMG! is the only game I would pay attention to. If you are skilled enough, 10 minutes of farming (killing the same stuff over and over again) could possibly get you 20,000 gold. 

6. Sell your junk!

And last but not least, sell all your junk in your inventory that you don’t want. A few thousand here and a few thousand there will later add up. 

So the next time you gaze admiringly at a costly avatar, you now know how they get it – no life’ing at the forums or spending money for items all day long! Good luck on your “money-making”. :)

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