Add Unlimited Equus and Passes to Howrse!

Do you play Howrse and are looking for FREE equus and passes? This is the right tool!

If you play Howrse and you are addicted enough, you know that taking care and training your horse takes more than your time, effort and love.

Having more Passes and Equus is definitely a great help to go much further in the game.

Howrse Help and the various Fan Blogs and Forums are filled up with recommendations, tips, hints and cheats to get more Passes and/or Equus, but I take for grant you already found them and assimilated them all. If not, Google is always your friends.

What I have found is a hack tool that allows to add UNLIMITED Passes and Equus. And with ‘Unlimited’ I really mean there is no limit to the number of passes and equus you can add.

You can download the hack for free HERE.

My recommendation is to never forget you are cheating the game, so do not exaggerate with the tool and use it as your last resort.

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