LOL: Leona Build, Including Masteries, Runes and Equipment!

Leona is the new character on League of Legends [LOL], and like any champion that just hit the spotlight, there are some questions regarding what could be the best way of developing her. Hopefully this article will give players those answers and optimize Leona build.

For the first time, LOL has presented a female tank champion, which can be build in two types: Tank and Ability Power [AP]. Since her appearance in the game, many players are looking for the best way of taking advantage of Leona skills and helping their teams. Following next is the recommended Leona build for Masteries, Runes and Items, which should give a boost to everyone who want to use her.

Note: this Leona Build is recommended for level 30 players which should have all the rune spots and Masteries available.


In both Tank and AP setups, the Masteries for Leona build should concentrate 21 points in defense, and 9 in Offense. For a better understanding of how to distribute the points, just give a look to the image below.


The rune page can also give an important boost to Leona build. If tank fighter is chosen, probably the best combination is creating extra Health Point [HP], resistances and a bit of doge factor. Nevertheless,  a player can always choose how many of those extra factors are going to be used or just to concentrate in a few.

The following Leona build runes structure is recommended:

Mark: Life or Armor

Seal: Dodge

Glyph: Magic resist

Quintessence: Life

In case of an AP setup, Leona build runes should be as follow:

Mark: Magic Penetration

Seal: Armor

Glyph: Ability power per level

Quintessence: Life


The equipment chosen should take in consideration what kind of fighter is going to be used during the game. If a player desires to create a tank fighter then he/she should buy the following items:

[In the brackets are places where you can find the items in the shop]

Aegis of the Legion, [Defense - Armor] – 1925 Gold

Mercury’s Tread, [Defense – Magic resist/Boots] – 1200 Gold

Force of Nature, [Defense – Magic resist] – 2610 Gold

Sunfire Cape, [Defense - Heath] – 2610 Gold

Banshee’s Veil, [Defense - Magic resist] – 2715 Gold

Rylai’s Crystal Scepter, [Magic – Ability Power] – 3105 Gold

Thornsmail, [Defense - Armor] – 2000 Gold. Note: this one is optional.

For Ability Power, the following items are recommended for Leona build:

Rylai’s Crystal Scepter, – [Magic – Ability Power] – 3105 Gold

Abyssal Scepter, [Defense- Magic Resist] – 2650 Gold

Force of Nature, [Defense – Magic resist] – 2610 Gold

Sunfire Cape, – [Defense - Heath] – 2610 Gold

Mercury’s Tread, [Defense – Magic resist/Boots] – 1200 Gold

Banshee’s Veil, – [Defense - Magic resist] – 2715 Gold

Tips and Final Advices:

In team fights, after it’s been initiated, Leona should be the first to attack since her passive [Sunlight], can be use as debuff, and your team can take advantage of this. During these battles, take also advantage of her stuns, since they can possibly help your carry’s to do more damage and determinate the upcoming result of the fight.

Other good thing about Leona is her unique abilities, which should be useful until you get powerful armor, since Leona shield Eclipse ability acts as a resistance buff [4 seconds].

Leona is a valid Tank, and like any new character on the game, it’s going to be an overpowered [OP] champion for a while, but, probably in the upcoming patch those advantages will be corrected. However, until that time comes, have fun, use to the fullest this recommended Leona Build and enjoy her unique characteristics.

“The Dawn has arrived!”

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