Maplestory Class Choosing Guide

Some simple question’s to choose your class.
this is only for the five first jobs. later I will make some separate guides for each of the classes.
But I did separate star-thief and dagger-thief, and gun-pirate and knuckle-pirate because those are totally different classes.
Q=Question, J=Job.

I don’t know any reason to don’t start right now with the first question.

1. Do you prefer range of close-combat?

A. Give me range please. (Q4)

B. I’ll fight face-to-face with the monsters. (Q2)

2. Knights or Ninjas?

A. Knights (J1)

B. Ninjas (Q3)

3. Which statement do you like the most?

A. I’ll hit them with all my power. (J7)

B. I’ll strike them to fast to be seen. (J5)

4. do you like to have AoE (Area of Effect) attacks?

A. Of course, then I can hit multiple monsters at once. (J2)

B. I think it’s better to take monsters down one by one. (Q5)

5. I’m a person who likes fighting in party’s?

A. Yes (Q6)

B. I prefer fighting alone (J3)

6. What is your fighting style?

A. Spamming the same buffs and attacks over and over again(J4)

B. My whole keyboard is full of attacks I use in combat (J6)

The Jobs

J1 You are a warrior, you want to hit them hard and enjoy’s one-hit K.O.’s more then anyone. For the second job or KoC I’ll make a guide later.

J2 You are a magician, you like to show the enemy’s what you’ve got for flashy skills and want to kill 5 monsters at the same time. More detailed guide will come.

J3 You are a bowman, you sure don’t complain about party’s, but alone is more your style. fighting enemy’s from far away and keep yourself save is not being weak, it’s being smart. More detailed guide will come.

J4 You are a star-thief, you are quicker then lightning and hit faster then anyone can see. you think that hitting 200 per second in 5 attacks is better then 175 in 1. KoC or not guide will come.

J5 You are a dagger-thief, you like to be a ninja, run to your target, hit it, and disappear even before the target died. A good attack is a flashy, Quick and strong attack.

J6 You are a gunner-pirate, on Maple you can’t wield a lot of guns at the same time, but with your wide arsenal of attacks this should be no problem. It doesn’t matter if it is an AoE or a attack on a single monster, death will be around.

J7 You are a knuckle-pirate, you fight with your fists, feet, elbows and everything on your body that can deal damage. You jump right into a pile of monsters and fight them at the same time. And if you are low on HP or MP, you heal by fighting some more.

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