Maplestory Where to Train; After Big Bang Training Guide

This is a guide stating the best places to train in MapleStory after Big Bang. This is my second guide with Big Bang training areas. I have improved this as I have more personal experience with it now. This guide only shows monsters or areas to train/level up until level 120 or so.

Level 1-10: Stay at Maple Island and do all quests; you should be at least level 9 when you finish them. You can stay and level once more at Maple Island or go to Victoria Island and do the Family Quest and Olaf’s quiz and quest. This should get you to level 10. Go get your job advancement.

Level 10 -18: Go to Henesys and kill green and/or orange mushrooms. Later on, you can go to the training map and do the guy’s quests.

Level 18 – 30: On one of the mushroom maps in Henesys, go into the golem temple. Kill Golems there for a few levels, then go into the mixed golem mini dungeon when you are a bit higher level; this is located at the top portal of the golem map, then the portal inside of that. When you are level 30, go and get your second job advancement.

Level 30 – before level 43: At level 30, go Ludibrium PQ (LPQ); it only takes 3 pqs to level. It is a good pq for the moment and you get glasses which are +1 all stats, an extra bonus. You should stay here until you get the glasses (around 30-35 pqs), or after a while, go to Kerning Square to kill CD’s and go back to LPQ later on. Kerning Square is located to the left portal of Kerning City – you have to take the train. Once there, stay until about level 43 as it is fast and easy to level up there because of the experience it gives you and the amount of spawn.

Level (around) 43 – 70: At around level 43, head to Singapore. To get there, take the plane from Kerning City; the NPC to get on the plane is up on one of the rooftops. In Singapore, head to Truckers; a monster that gives 495 experience each. Truckers are located to the right of Singapore, keep going, then go to the left portal when you see two different portal paths. Even though there are a lot of people and ksers there, it is still a good place to train since it gives you so much experience. An alternative is Drakes, located to the right of Sleepywood, although it is not recommended because it only gives 103 experience and you have to be at least level 50 to enter. Once level 70, get your third job advancement.

Level 60 – 80: A good PQ to do at these levels is Fog PQ. It gives 60k experience per win and around 25k experience per lose. This is a party quest which is 3 vs 3; it is best to trade wins with another party. Although the equip you can get isn’t that good; a cape, the experience there is still good.

Level 80 – 90: Go to Malaysia and train on Boopers or the next few maps after it. They give around 1k experience each, but take a few hits.

Level 90 – 120: Go to the last map of Malaysia to kill Galloperas; these are good experience until around level 120. Once level 120, get your forth job advancement.

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  2. Gurcan
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    Thanks this is helped me so much <3

  3. ProSiiNzz
    Posted December 21, 2010 at 8:40 pm

    Truckers no longer give 450xp they give 130 so please update this

  4. Posted December 22, 2010 at 1:51 am

    @Gurcan np :)
    @ProSiiNzz will soon.

  5. bob
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    dont gallos suck ass now ? o_O

  6. Posted December 28, 2010 at 5:00 am

    @bob yeah they do. i made an updated guide linked the comment above your one. check it out (:

  7. nomansland
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    man the truckers r down in to the 100 xp now u might wanna fix that

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    @nomansland updated guide –


  9. HGJG
    Posted June 4, 2011 at 9:59 pm

    galloperas till 120?

  10. Posted June 4, 2011 at 10:58 pm

    @HGJG updated training guide in the link above your comment. check it out

  11. ToxicLightwolf
    Posted July 23, 2011 at 2:35 pm

    Can somebody tell me where truckers are now?

    I dont know becauze Big Bang is there now …

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