Neopets whack-a-kass guide

A guide to the neopets’ game, whack-a-kass.

The first step to mastering Whack-a-kass…the game is to know your wind speed. Always wait until the speed is at 8 or 9 as that will get you close to the avatar. This is the hardest wind that will blow Kass right up high in the clouds. I’m not the patient person so if the wind is less then 4 or under….I’m gonna just click start over. If you are a patient person just wait there with your hands on the mouse and wait until it goes to 8 or 9.

On now to the 2nd step on hitting Kass. Always hit Kass just a little above the yellow hill. If I miss or Kass goes a lit under….I start over.

On to the 3rd step….ascent. When Kass is ascending, hold the space bar or mouse down to keep Kass’s wings flat. Choose which one is better for you….mouse or space bar. In my opinion the mouse button would be easier. So now that Kass’s wings are flat…he will go faster because the wind resistance is less.

Now the 4th step…. When Kass stops ascending and turns that he is parallel with the land, let go of the mouse or space button. This will make his wings to start flapping and slow him down as he descends.

To get the avatar….always try to make Kass when he comes from sky to at least skid 2 clouds down. Here comes the ground/smash part. Right before Kass hits the ground when he is descending hit the space button or mouse. When he hits the ground he will bounce a little which will help you get a better score! Also hold the mouse or space button when Kass skids, but don’t hold the space bar or mouse button after the turtum brings out your score because it will start the game over without giving you the choice to send your score!

That’s all on getting a good score and avatar…hope this guide helped you and GL with avatar.

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  1. Cassie
    Posted April 18, 2007 at 1:58 am

    THE BEST GAME GUIDE EVER!!! It’s so simple and easy to follow – i love people who do these things!!!!

  2. TayTay
    Posted April 27, 2007 at 6:10 pm

    THE BEST GAME GUIDE EVER!!! It’s so simple and easy to follow – i love people who do these things!!!!

  3. bri
    Posted March 22, 2009 at 6:57 pm

    thanks you really helped me understand how to play.

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