The Fastest Way to Earn Millions of Neopoints

Earn millions of neopoints. This guide includes three detailed methods to make the most amount of neopoints in the shortest time, even if you don’t come online everyday.

Wanna make fast and easy neopoints? Wanna be a multi-millionaire? Your wish is granted.. *wink*

Enjoy ^.^ Feel free to pick any method that you like. Also leave a comment for any tips that you know to make neopoints!

Method 1 of Earning NP : Play Neopet Games

(Even if you don’t like them, they give you neopoints)

Here are the top 15 that give the best amount of neopoints, it really just depends on you. Some people are better at some games and can score better. I will include the score needed to achieve in that game to get 1000 neopoints in brackets next to the game.

1) Kass Basher ( 863 )

2) Meerca Chase II ( 663 )

3) Zurroball ( 90 )

4) Extreme Potato Counter ( 110 )

5) Splat-A-Sloth ( 535 )

6) Chia Bomber 2 ( 374 )

7) Petpet Rescue ( 254 )

8) Snow Wars II ( 295 )

9) Rink Runner ( 100 )

10) Pterattack ( 953 )

11) Hubrid Hero Heist ( 20 000 )

12) Meepit Juice Break ( 991 )

13) Fashion Fever – You get 300 neopoints for each time you play this game.

14) Nimmos Pond ( 304 )

15) Snowmuncher ( 3125 )

    Note : Neopets changes game ratios every 25th of the month. I will keep this guide updated.

    Method 2 of Earning NP: The Stockmarket

    The S-T-O-C-K-M-A-R-K-E-T. A place where you buy low and sell high.

    Buying stocks is a long-time investment. It depends on the type of stocks that you buy. It could be a slow-moving stock which moves only every month/year, or a fast-moving stock which jumps up and down all the time.

    I recommend buying stocks 15 – 20 np. If you go beyond that range, you could be wasting neopoints.

    I usually keep a notebook, to track down the ups and downs of each of the stocks. From there, I can find out which types of stocks are the most profitable. I have a long portfolio, and I take a little bit of every stock. It’s just up to you.

    Sometimes you buy heaps of one type of stocks, they can rise crazily. Thats when the money’s rollin’ in.  Or if you’re unlucky, they go bankrupt and its BYE-BYE! Alright, alright, don’t give up. You can do it! If stocks don’t work for you’, try the next method.

    Method 3 of Earning NP: Restocking

    This is one of the best methods to make fast neopoints. Restocking is all about buying something at a low price from the Neopian Shops and selling them in your shop for a higher price.

    First, you must learn how to restock fast.

    A good internet connection and an optical mouse is recommended, but I suppose you can restock on slow connections too. Just try the shops that are less popular.

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    1. ericson81
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    13. Shmeckell
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