On Flash Games 18: My Pet Protector Two

Free GameStop Points couldn’t keep me in this one.

Greetings, dear readers! Today, On Flash Games is legal – eighteen entries old, and coincidentally, I’m reviewing a game that’s most enjoyable mechanic is growing old.

My Pet Protector 2 (where’s the pet?), here on Kongregate, is not that enjoyable. It starts with a questionnaire, asking, most Freud-like, about your Mother and Father, then about your upbringing and what you did after that fateful day your parents were murdered in some hero-making disaster, and how the good King comes to your aid. Then the fun part of the game ends, and you’re there, at twelve years old, tasked with advancing yourself for some reason. Do chores, advancing stats that make no sense. Go to school. Build things in the village. Go dungeon delving, where fighting monsters is as interactive as a heated game of Candy Land. There’s an auto-battle function, where you only attack in melee, or only cast spells (spell, there’s only one). Doing this auto-battle thing speeds up combat. As you do this, your character gets older.

Maybe I quit this one too early (at the robust age of 12), but this game seems to lack much interactivity, or even a reason to play it.

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