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The good and bad perks of the leading game site Pogo dot com. Also, a fun forum to learn more about Pogo and make friends.

Pogo dot com is a very fun game site with a large selection of games to play. You can be a free member, but if you want all their fun badges you need to be a paid annual member. Like most companies that become very popular, there comes a time that they start adding charges on just about every new feature they add. We all know that this wasn’t the original image Pogo advertised when they first started. Then what other reason but greed could be behind the extra charges that keep coming? A little more than a year ago they started adding badge albums with challenges that you need to buy. It seems they are trying to come up with more ways to make everyone pay every month?

They created a safe way long ago to add a mini of your creation to your profile. People try to pick faces, hair, clothes, and body that best resembles them. I think this is genius, as most people prefer not to post their real self photo for various reasons. They have now added a wider selection of mini items such as pets or backgrounds you must pay for if you want them. There are also 19.99 games you can only play if you buy them. These are among the best enjoyed games they have.

For a full description of people’s views of Pogo land, I strongly suggest joining a free forum called badge addicts. You can reach the site at www.badgeaddictsforum.com . There are thousands of members, with thousands of topics. Though they love Pogo, it’s a place to vent about Pogo land. It’s a good place to learn about the games as well. They even play chat games of their own.

I think Pogo also feels they can charge more, because players win money on jackpot spins. The thousands of members of Badge Addicts can tell you how many one a big jackpot spin. Also, how often Pogo makes up an excuse why they are disqualified. Their favorite is to say the player used an auto program, even when they never have. An auto program is a system that plays the game for you with computer smarts of winning harder games without an actual person playing. The more they play, the sooner they’ll hit a jackpot. However, Pogo can check your Java log to see if there’s an auto program running. Well how in the world can they possibly use that excuse when it’s not true?

I have to rate their customer service poor, whether by email or phone. You will talk to a phone rep from a different country that you cannot understand well. I called a few years ago, when a computer error on their end put all my ranks back to zero. Three years of game experience gone. Though I still had the rank badges to prove it, the man I tried to understand refused to fix this. Excuse me, didn’t I pay you for those?

Well, there are some complaints us Pogo members have, but we still keep on playing. Like I said it’s an awesome game site regardless of are qualms. I just hope in a few more years I can afford to remain a member?

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  1. drkchclvr
    Posted June 15, 2008 at 11:02 am

    Pogo is a business, and needs money to continue developing new games and giving prizes. I have played Pogo for a few years, and have talked to people who actually did collect cash prizes. I don’t think Pogo is any greedier than any company in business today… they have to charge money to pay the prizes.

    If you figure out, at $40 a year for the regular membership, how much that is worth per hour, even if you only play 6 hours a week, it’s still cheap entertainment. You also have the added bonus of being able to play with your friends, and make new friends while you are playing games.

  2. anounomous
    Posted June 17, 2008 at 4:03 am

    comment one sounds like a tv ad dor pogo

  3. mom
    Posted June 17, 2008 at 4:16 am

    Pogo is a great place for friends and stalkers. The customer service then tells you to block these ppl but it becomes a headache to go over and over because they can make passes to still harrass you. Badge addicts is a wonderful site with great people and great advice from badges to computer help. Needing more money is a joke. They do not charge an awful lot but it is getting a mite out of hand. First you pay for a year then you pay for the extra badge books just so you don’t feel left out oh yea and you can buy gems now for more badges that are plain jane and premium (i.e. moving) mini items. There is no way to EVER change you screen id so if you want a new one you have to start ALL over. Mite frustrating there too. But the games are addictive over all and a great mix to choose from based on your likes.

  4. I pay pogos' salary
    Posted July 8, 2008 at 6:46 am

    EA Sports aka Pogo..
    Don’t endorse the pogo game site to your friends by saying they can win cash prizes (check their standing at the BBB site…very poor ratings).
    Just say its a good game site and if you can shell out about $40 bucks per year…you can become a member and play MORE games with no intermissions.
    Unlike other membership places…pogo membership does not entitle you to get results by complaining to the company.
    Keep that in mind along with being in the frame of mind of just having fun playing games (and not winning big cash prizes-or any prize for that matter) and you will not be dissappointed.

  5. bcbruce_
    Posted July 13, 2008 at 10:10 pm

    I pay my money to get into the pogo club..and now I cannot get in..I ask for help and I dont get any response at all….
    it does get frustrating at times

  6. baxtalo4
    Posted November 19, 2008 at 4:02 pm

    I get frustrared playing Pogo Twxas Hold ‘em as I do not think the cards dealt are not very random. I have kept a few logs at times and find that nearly every game has one seat that wins about 88% of the time nd another that loses about the same percentage. I do play live poker in a casino about three nights per week and make a nice bit of income in these, my retirement years. Just recently, I checked out Pogo Hold ‘em for two weeks and found I had a losing hand 54 straight times. Then, another round, I had 34 losses and 2 wins. A third round, I had 44 losses and 3 wins. Of course this is just a game, but still not much fun knowing that I will lose all of these hands. I do know how to play poker and my average wins, small tournaments and three nights a week schedule are at 69.3%. I will play a few more days and if the present losing percentage holds true, I will just close my Pogo account and forget the whole thing. in closing, I think you should try to make Pogo Hold ‘em a really random game.

  7. pookie1663
    Posted February 7, 2009 at 8:15 pm

    i am verey frustrated about the pogo site as well everytimei play on the web site jungle gin i play one hand and get booted out of the room.This is so friggin frustrating HELP SOMEONE AND PLEASE RESPOND.I believe if it wasnt for all the players on the pogo site it would not exist.

  8. concerned player
    Posted May 15, 2009 at 12:47 pm

    Is Pogo going to find a way to prevent people from stalling games?

    It seems that certain computer savy spades players have found a way to prevent a game from being finished when they are losing. These cheaters have found a way to make honest players “freeze” and then they have their friends (or they enter with other names of their own) and they will boot the last remaining honest player.

    This situation happened to me at around 12:15pm today in the Good Apple gameroom.

    This situation is happening on a regular basis. If certain peole have figured out how to manipulate the Spades game…one must wonder how secure the rest of pogo’s system might be. What if these persons who cheat decide to hack into the files of the Pogo club members?


    A Concerned Player

  9. rocco
    Posted September 29, 2009 at 10:24 pm

    is there another site other than pogo, and if so what is the name

  10. Posted September 17, 2010 at 1:39 pm

    People will continue to stall on pogo because the problem lies in the timer. Their is a glitch in the timer and when the timer is on a specific person and that person waits till the timer hits zero and plays before they get stood by the table it will cause the player before and after him to freeze causing them to crash and lose control of their table. It takes a few minutes to get back in your game so by that time their dbs are already bidding 12 and screwing you out of your win. Pogo needs to bring back their room mods cause they use to destroy tables when people were cheating. now the mods are to busy leaving rude comments in pogo answers making excuses for morons and actually playing games instead of keeping the site in tact and doing their jobs. I had a problem with word riot and i had to wait two weeks to get a response. Pogo is one of the top 10 websites online and i really dont see how. I wish games.com and EA didnt combine with pogo cause all that did was create chaos.

  11. Bonnie
    Posted December 15, 2011 at 2:30 am

    I am giving up pogo.com…for the last 6 month or more now I have hs pid errors appearing on my desttop…First is was TX Hold ..and it appeared again…now after I had quit Monopoly Here and Now for almost a year it starts showing up there too.. What is going on…its not my java…when contacted Pogo support…they say I might want to change my IE to Fire Fox which I did …ONCE… and was a night mare…I changed back…

    Also since Facebook has been added I think thats when all the hs pids errors started…I don’t like having errors appear on my desktop…and as much as I have enjoyed pogo games…lately I feel like I am an outsider cause I feel cheated…no reason for any company to post errors on my computer…Its an invasion on me and I don’t appreciate it…especially when pogo can’t’ give a straight answer. They have cheaters and I would like an explanation why they have the right to inpose the errors on my computer. If it’s not to bully you into doing something they want like a trogan virus…

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