Ragnarok Thief Leveling Guide

Lvl up guide.

Level 1-12 ~ 13.

In these lower tier levels, it begins uploading the training camp, remembering that
talking with NPCs and dying once, and returning to the Field of Training,
you gain the level 7.
In this part the most annoying will get Job 10.
Why Job 10?
Remember that, as much as 9 Job Show, you have an original, which is a Job

Here you will get potions apprentice, go kill beetles Rockers and Thieves.
Rockers give XP a better Job.

Level 13-20.

As you have here is a Thief. With basic equipment, you have simple choices
and very good for a good up.


They are very easy monsters, give little XP, but when you are low level they are
They give some good items such as stems (Alchemists make potions to buy), buds
(Used by chefs and food give Deviruchi), 4 leaf clover (use in
quests hats), and the letter is good.
They can be found aplenty in:



Monsters as well as Mandrakes easy, but give a little more than XP.
Rachel Getting the episode, they will give more experience. Thus a
great place to upload. (Well, I personally, when I turn thief will always
directly to them. In half an hour get level 25-28.)
They give some good items, Thorns of Cactus and empty bottles, the Charter is not as good.
They can be found aplenty in:


Level 20-30.

Here I suggest staying in the same place, but if you have an armor with
Pupa, and a gun a little better, or even elemental, give one another advice.
When catch level 20, will see that Mukas not give much XP as before, starting
then you started to attack the magnolias on the same map Mukas.
May also move to the next map, where monsters are a little
more difficult.



They are easy, weak, and after Rachel will also be greatly enhancing the experience
they will give.


Already give good XP, but caution that they’ll stun you will take good

Steel Chon Chon:

Relatively easy, but remember, by attacking one, then others will attack you,
so may break your avoidance, so be careful if he mobs you

Andre, Deniro and Piere:

Just as the Chon Chon steel monsters are easy, but they will also attack,
If others hit them with the same name.
When attacking an Andrew and there are other Andrés around, everyone will attack you. And so
successively each of these ants.
Do not give much XP, but can drop the letter Andrew. And Elunium ores.


They are a little more difficult, but do not have much HP and give a good experience.
They can also drop the letter which today is very valuable. Drop ore
Elunium, Emerald, Yellow Gemstone and reptile language (used in quests.)


Care, but very careful with this one. HP have a considerable, and a
very good experience. But, have good dexterity. They can drop good items, Nature
Grandiose ore Elunium, Katar Land (Weapon for Mercenary).


They are easy, but caution that this is also aggressive.
Drop good items, ores Elunium, Tail of the Scorpion (Wise use to
converters do) and the letter is very good.

Level 30-50 ~ 55.


Here, we will continue in Morroc, just move on to the next map, here
concentrate Sandy has a lot (70 in total) also
are the same monsters on the map the previous map, but with small amount.
Be careful, because the mobs may end up killing you, take as many potions
is below the level 45, some wings and fly.

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