Reducing Your Ping on Online PC Games

This tutorial shows you how to reduce your online ping on pc games. This tutorial is made for Vista users but the same steps can be used on XP and Windows 7. The effect of completing these steps will reduce your ping thus allowing you to play on low ping servers.

Always getting kicked from online game servers because you have high ping. Well now you won’t have to suffer from this by implementing the steps in this tutorial.

First go open run

  • Type regedit and click ok
  • go to HKEY_Local_Machine
  • System
  • Current Control Set
  • Services
  • TCIP
  • Parametres
  • Interfaces
  • There will be a dropdown of folders. Click the one with your computers IP information.

Now make two 32 bit Dwords

  • TCPNoDelay
  • TcpAckFrequency

Make sure both have the hexidecimal value set to one.


Open up Control Panel

  • Click program features
  • Activate Features
  • Tick Microsoft MSMQ server
  • Activate the feature


Go to regedit and got to

  • HKEY_Local_Machine
  • Software
  • Microsoft
  • MSMQ
  • Parameters

Make a 32 bit Dword

  • TCPNoDelay

Make sure the Hexidecimal value is 1


You now will be able to play online games with reduced ping, HOOHRAY!!!!!!!

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