RuneScape Merch Guide


Hey everybody.

in this guide I’ll show you how to make millions starting straight out of tutorial island!

before be begin i suggest watching this video for a little inspiration! :-D


This video helped inspire me to become the man i am today! (special thanks to Chessy018 for being awesome)


1. 0-150k/200k

starting in tutorial island, depending on how you would like to start off making money either get level 3 mining or woodcutting. personally i would choose woodcutting because its faster.

after leaving tutorial island you should have an axe or a pick axe to train you starting skill. for woodcutters, I’d prefer the grand exchange if your planning on banking and selling the logs. basically just train that skill until you’ve made at least 150k+. then you’re ready for part 2!

2. 150k/200k-1 million

now you’re ready to begin buying and selling items on the GE (grand exchange)

now you need to know how to use the Grand Exchange Database to your advantage so you can maximise your profits!

you can find the GE database here:

here you will need to find items that are bottoming out, or reaching a low price on the graph and about to rise again. popular items for F2P (free to play) are red spider eggs gold and adamintite ores and almost all of the gems (sapphires, rubies etc.) popular items for P2P (pay to play) are familiar pouches (fire titan, lava titan etc.)

buy the item of your choice for maybe 5 or 10 gp over the minimum price and be patient cause it may take a day or two for all of them to sell. remember, Merching is a game of patience. but it all pays off in the end.

now once all the items sell, re-open the GE and sell all the items for 5-10 gp under max price. and again be patient cause they will not sell right away. it may take a day or two. once they do sell though you should have yourself a nice profit though.

now repeat this step until you’ve made about 1 million gp

3. 1 million-5 million

now that we have a good amount of cash, we can start merching some runes by buying them in bulk. the best rune to merch would probably be air runes, because they’re the most popularly sold runes and they sell quickly at max price. now, go to the GE and buy as many air runes as you can for minimum price (with 1 mil you can buy about 75k); they should sell within the next hour or so. now when you get the items, resell them for max price. you should make a profit of about 150k. repeat this step until you have about 5 million gp

4. 5 million-20 million

OK now we’re starting to make big money.

if your still a non member, then keep merching air runes until you have 10 million gp (then become a member)

if you’ve gotten members then you can start merching super restore potions to gain big profits.

right now, super restores cost about 18k gp. if you buy at minimum, you can buy about 275 potions, and selling them at 19500 each will bring you a profit of about 400k. you can keep doing this until you have the desired amount of cash you want. i suggest doing it until you have 20 million gp

5. 20 million-???????

now that you have 20 million gp, you can pretty much make as much as you want as long as you’re smart with your merch’s. you can keep buying and selling super restores or you can start merching stuff like whips and god armour (zamorak, guthix, saradomin) or rune gold trimmed. when you make it into the hundreds of millions, then you can start merching stuff like snapdragon seeds and other things that cost a lot but you have to much money to notice (LAWL!)

To all of you,

Thanks for reading my guide i hope it helps.

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