1-99 Fishing Guide, Members and F2P

A comprehensive guide on how to get 99 fishing for members and F2P alike.

Do you want to be rich and ultimately famous like the guy pictured above?  This can all be a possibility if you follow this guide and have strong, unflagging determination.  This guide was made by request, and although it will not show every way to get the famous 99 fishing, it will show the best ways.

1-20(Members and F2P)

You don’t have to many options here.  Anchovies and Shrimp are the best ways to get to about 20 fishing, although 25 fishing before the next step would be advised. 

Total Time 1-20~ 30-40 minuites depending on various factors.

Place:  Al-Kharid

20-40(Members and F2P)

Fly fishing is what is going to carry you through these levels.  You need a fly fishing rod, which can be obtained via the grand exchange or any fishing store.  Feathers are also a necessity, and a plethora of them is good to have.  Right by barbian village is good for F2P, and is also good for members.  Shilo would be the best option if you have access to it though.

Total Time 20-40 3-4 Hours

Place: Shilo or Barbian Village

40-99 or 40-50 F2P

Option 1.  It is definitely possible to go from 40-99 just by fly fishing.  This is the FASTEST way to do it, but you will result in the least amount of money, due the cost of feathers, and the relatively low price of salmon and trout.  If your in for time, this is the best way to get it done.

Total Time: A few weeks

Place:  Barbian Village

Option 2.  At level 40 you can fish lobsters, which are a good amount of money, but relatively slow experience.  If you want a medium amount of money, with a medium amount of time required, lobsters are for you.

Total Time: 2 months

Place:  Karamja

50-99 F2p

This will result in a ton of money, but this method will take by far the longest.  However, if you want to test your patience, be my guest.  Swordfish are the leading F2p food, and are priced as such.  You can easily make 10M+ by doing this, but while doing it, you make lose your mind.

Time:  Months

Place: Karamja


Options 1. 40-99

Continue fly fishing.  Definitely the fastest, especially if you can get into Shiloh village.  This will get you the most money with the least amount of time invested.

Time:  A few Weeks

Place: Barbian Village, Shiloh

Option 2.  62-99

Fish lobsters until you get until 62.  There if you have completed Swan Song, you can fish monkfish.  Monkfish can be a great form of cash and an even better form of experience.  They are fast, easy, and buy a bank.  This the route i took, and no regrets here.

Time:  A month and a half

Place:  Catherby, Fishing Guild

Option 3.  40-76.

This option will make you earn 100m+ but will be extremely slow, and will bored you to tears.  Sharks are a great option if your low on cash, but ill-advised to level with.  This will take you months with sharks, but the reward may very well be worth it in the end.

Time:  Months

Place: Fishing Guild; Catherby

Additional Info:

~Fishing Cape obtained on Nov 06, 2009

~You may enter the Fishing Guild at level 68.  Or you can enter it at 64 with an Admiral Pie.  A fishing potions works as well.

~99 Fishing is a feat worth congratulations, display your skill cape proudly.


~Times will very depending on how long your on, and the intesity at which you train.

Thanks for reading, if you found this guide to be helpful, inform you friends!

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    thats a h0m0 guide.

  2. Posted December 16, 2009 at 4:33 pm

    Thanks for telling me on what aspects to improve on. How can i fix what “sucks” if you don’t tell me what is bad about the guide? Please leave constructive criticism next time or refrain from posting in the first place. Thanks.

  3. fail
    Posted June 13, 2010 at 10:47 pm

    Anchovies are the best F2P pizza. I thought this was different, but no creativity, still the same methods.

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    very good thanks mate

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