1-99 Mining Guide

In this awesome Guide I will teach you how to get to much cash and get 99 mining.


By the end of this awesome guide you will be level 99 and have to much cash…

Power Mining:

As you mine drop every ore after you mine one.  It’s a lot faster and it’s what I recommend if you want to get to 99 a lot sooner.

Bank Mining:

You mine and take a whole pack full of ore to the bank, deposit every ore and go back to mining.

From level 1-21 do Tin ore:

If you are a low level you should sell the tin ore and mine south-west of Varrock so you can bank in Varrock.  It will take around 248 ore and if it’s sold for 82 goldpoints each it will be a total of around 20k.  If you don’t need the money Power Mine.

From level 21-80 do Iron ore:

If you still need cash mine in the Al Khahid mine and drop in bank.  Once you have enough I recommend going to a p2p area in which there are 3 rocks touching each other and power mine.  The best spot is either East of Castle Wars and near a bank deposit box or North of the Hunting spots North of the Gnome football thing (Power Mining).You will need around 15k ores to get to level 60 and if you bank all (which I don’t recommend) you will earn 1.2 million.

From level 80-99 do Living Rocks (Gold):

I recommend doing only the Living Rocks if you are going to do the gold mining not coal because it’s to slow.  I don’t recommend mining Runite ore unless you want the cash (Very slow xp/hour).  Summon the best thing you can that gives bonus to mining like a Fire Titan and either a dragon pick 15% faster than rune or rune pickaxe.  It’s advisable to bring good armour or absolutely none so if you die you don’t lose anything.  ALWAYS GO TO WORLD 84 SO YOU DON’T GET KILLED IN 3 SECONDS!!!!!  In world 84 there are tons of people so you won’t get attacked as often.  Than bank in the pulley deposit and keep mining.


It will be very tedious so don’t despair watch a movie, TV, or listen to music or whatever else and in the end you will make it…  Someday.


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