1-99 Slayer Guide RuneScape

A guide for 99 slayer in runescape, from level 1.

Hello and I’m going to give you a guide on 99 slayer. Well, firstly, this is one of the longest 99’s, and there are no short cuts. Use your slayer points efficiently. First I unlocked the slayer helm, then the ability to make slayer rings, then how to deliver killing blows quickly. Block tasks that are bad experience.


Use the right slayer master for you. If you’re combat 120+, I advise kuradal, but of course you can start using kuradal at a lower level. If you’re 105+, use duradel. If you’re 85+, use sumona. If you’re around 80+, use chaeldar. If you’re 70+, use vannaka. If you’re 60+, use mazchna. Any lower levels use Turael.


A cannon is great for slaying but expensive, use it if you have money to lose. Personally, I advise using a super set for every slayer task, they cost next to nothing. When you’re killing monsters, attack the next one as the one you’re killing dies. Loot it afterwards. This is simply faster.


Of course, I can’t include a guide for every slayer monster, which would take forever to write. As you get monsters, if you don’t know how to kill them, look up a guide on them. As for healing techniques for task, enhanced excalibur, bunyip, guthans, bones to peaches tabs and flashing soulsplit are all great ways to stay at a good hp. I don’t like using food, because when your food runs out, you’re forced to bank.


Use whatever you like for tasks, depending on how rich you are. I’ve known people to use overloads and turmoil on around 30% of the tasks they get, simply because they’re rich.  Use a ring of wealth – it increases the amount of money you make.


Be smart. Let’s say you have 40M to blow on slayer, and you want 99. You use turmoil, cannon and overloads for every task so they’re speedy. But, by the time you’re level 96… You ran out of money! Then you must do your tasks the slower way. You did half your tasks really quick, and the other half slower because you were broke. Wouldn’t it have been more worthwhile to do them all in the moderation?

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  1. me
    Posted July 6, 2011 at 7:51 pm

    awesome! thanks im 97 slayer atm

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