1-99 Smithing Guide

1-99 smithing guide
heavy skill!!
over 350m.

Smithing is one of the hardest skills to train in Runescape, and to achieve level 99 in Smithing is an amazing feat that requires patience, determination, and motivation. Though it is very hard to train, it is a very rewarding skill as the ability to forge armour and weapons can make you a lot of money, especially when you are able smith runite objects. This guide is split into two parts – All the way and money making.

Level 1 – 15 

Freeplay and members

The best way to get to level 15 smithing is to just smelt and smith bronze bars. Buy about 200 copper and tin ores and smelt them at the Al-Kharid furnace ( because it’s the closest to the bank), then smith them into Bronze Hatchets and sell them.

Level 16 – 31

Freeplay and members

All you have to do here is complete the Knight’s sword quest. 

Level 31 – 48

Freeplay and members

Now, to get to level 48 Smithing, you will need to buy approximately 1800 steel bars, and smith them all into the item of you choice, it is best to check which item sells for the best price and smith that item to minimize your losses from buying the steel bars. When smithing, always smith at the anvils near Varrock West Bank, because they are extremely close.

Level 48 – 70

Freeplay and members

The quickest way for you to train your Smithing level now is by smithing Steel Platebodies. This process is very costly, but it is also very quick and efficient as Platebodies use 5 bars each.


To use this way, you need to have completed the Family Crest quest so you can get Goldsmith Gauntlets. The Goldsmith Gauntlets will give you extra experience when smelting gold bars. Edgeville is the best place to smelt these gold bars, because it is very close to the bank and it will randomly smelt two ores at once, but to use the furnace, you need to have completed the easy part of the Varrock Achievement Diary.

Level 70 – 85

Freeplay and members

Whoopee! You can now smith Adamantine! Now the best way to go is to smith Adamant Daggers, but to achieve the ability to smelt runite, you will need to smith a total of 40,336 Adamant Daggers.

Level 85 – 99 

Freeplay and members

Give yourself a pat on the back, because you are finally able to smelt and smith runite! You’re so close to a smithing skill cape now. Now, you can choose to smith Rune items, but it is no advised

to do so, as the cost is very high. The best thing to smith now is Mithril Platebodies. It will cost over 200 million gp for the bars, but selling the platebodies should halve your loss.

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