1-99 Smithing Guide

Alright. Before attempting this skill I recommend that you get yourself a good amount of cash. Once you have a bit of money, then you should continue with this guide to getting 99 Smithing as it is a highly respectable cape and skill. Let’s proceed shall we?

Where to Smith and Smelt:

My suggestion for F2P accounts is to Smelt at Al-Kharid and Smithing at Varrok West Anvils. For Members it is highly suggested to Smelt at Port Phasmatys and do the Smithing in Yanille or Varrock West. Please note Smithing is Making an object out of a bar and Smelting is making the bar itself.

Levels 1-15 (Both):

Note: You can follow this section or choose to do the quest “The Knight’s Sword” which will get you to level 29 Smithing.

To reach level 15 Smithing you will need:

- 129 Bronze Bars Smelted & Smithed
- 193 Bronze Bars Smithed
- 389 Bronze Bars Smelted 

Levels 15-48 (F2P):

To reach level 48 Smithing you will need:

- 2,150 Iron Bars Smelted & Smithed
- 3,225 Iron Bars Smithed
- 6,499 Iron Bars Smelted 

Levels 48-50 (F2P):

- 335 Iron ores
- 670 Coal 

You will smelt this into 335 Steel bars and then proceed in making Steel Platebodies. 

Levels 15-50 (P2P):

To reach level 50 Smithing you will need:

- 3,080 Iron ores
- 22 Rings of Forging

You will be smithing 3,080 Iron bars. Once you have smithed all of these, then you can create whatever you wish. Iron Knives for cash and Iron Platebodies for Fast exp. But it is completely up to you.

Levels 50-60 (Both):

Simply Smelt 10k Steel Bars. This requires…

- 10k Iron Ores
- 20k Coal Ores

Do not smith anything but instead sell the bars to make some nice profit.

Levels 60-66 (F2P):

To reach level 66 Smithing you will need:

- 12,715 Iron ores
- 25,430 Coal 

Simply smelt steel bars. Once again, this makes a nice profit.

Levels 60-66 (P2P):

- 6,020 Iron ores
- 43 Rings of Forging 

Just make 6,020 Iron bars then sell. 

Levels 66-68 (Both):

To reach level 68 Smithing you will need:

- 1,725 Mithril ores
- 6,900 Coal 

Smelt this into mithril bars and then go and buy some dwarven stouts. This is because you will need to use this to be able to create mithril platebodies making the levels go by faster.

Levels 68-70 (F2P):

To reach level 70 Smithing you will need:

- 7,577 Iron ores
- 15,154 Coal 

Smelt these into Steel bars and then sell. Once again, making a nice profit.
Levels 70-85 (F2P):

To reach level 85 Smithing you will need:

- 144,056 Iron ores
- 288,112 Coal

You will be smelting 144,056 steel bars. It is highly advised not to smelt them. This will make you a very nice profit.


- 67,266 Adamant ores
- 403,596 Coal 

You can make 67,266 adamant bars taking less than half the time as above but making less profit or even losing money (Depending on Grand Exchange Prices)

Levels 85-99 (F2P):

To Reach level 99 Smithing you will need:

You can smelt the following bars…

- 558,620 Iron ores (558,620 Steel Bars)
- 1,117,240 Coal


- 260,689 Adamant ore (260,689 Adamant Bars)
- 1,564,134 Coal


- 195,517 Rune ore (195,517 Rune Bars)
- 1,564,136 Coal 

Alternatively, you can Smith AND Smelt using this amount:

- 97,759 Adamant ore (97,759 Adamant bars smelted and smithed)
- 586,554 Coal


- 78,207 Rune ore (78,207 Rune Bars Smelted and Smithed)
- 625,656 Coal 

It is advised to research prices of items to find out which item loses you the least amount of money and saves a nice amount of time. As the Grand Exchange prices are constantly changing, I will not list any items because they will shortly be outdated.

Levels 68-73 (P2P):

To reach level 73 Smithing you will need:

- 10,360 Iron ores
- 74 Rings of Forging

Obviously you will be smelting 10,360 Iron bars.


- 6,902 Gold ores
- Goldsmith Gauntlets 

You can smith 6,902 Gold bars but you will lose a lot (Over 150+ Gp per bar made).

* You can get the goldsmithing gauntlets from the “Family Crest” Quest.

Levels 73-88 (P2P):

To reach level 88 Smithing you will need:

- 33,929 Adamant ores
- 203,574 Coal
- 339,290 Feathers 

You will be Smelting 33,929 Adamant Bars. Then you will advance to making adamant bolts (unf). You can either sell them there or, as it is advised to so you don’t lose as much money, make bolts out of them and gain nice fletching experience.

Levels 88-92 (P2P):

To reach level 92 Smithing you will need:

- 21,315 Adamant ores
- 127,890 Coal
- 213,150 Feathers

It is advised that you Smelt 21,315 Adamant bars and then smelt them into Adamant bolts (unf), then fletching them into adamant bolts to lose the least amount of money.


- 17,052 Rune ores
- 136,416 Coal

You can smelt 17,052 Rune bars to save time and them smith them into the item of your choosing.

Levels 92-98 (P2P):

To reach level 92 Smithing you will need:

- 52,884 Adamant ores
- 317,304 Coal
- 528,840 Feathers

Once again, it is still advised to create adamant bolts to save money. Smelt the bars, Smith the bolts, Fletch the bolts, then sell them.


- 42,307 Rune ores
- 345,656 Coal 

Smelt 42,307 Rune bars and them smelt them into the item of your choosing.

Levels 98-99 (P2P):

- 21,866 Gold ores
- Goldsmith Gauntlets

It is highly advised that you use this method to save a lot of time. It may be expensive but you should have the money by now to do this.

The End

If you have received 99 Smithing from this guide then You deserve a HUGECongratulations! You can get your smithing cape from the Imcando Dwarf south of Port Sarim where you do part of the quest in “The Knight’s Sword”.

Thanks for Reading my guide and I hope you enjoyed it. This is my longest and Best guide. — Sharangan12

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