10 Most Expensive Items in RuneScape – Part One

Runescape has a varying economy. It has items and weapons ranging from 1gp to over 500M. Here I am going to name the five most expensive items on Runescape. (gp is the currency used in Runescape)

1. Christmas Cracker

The most expensive item on Runescape is, no doubt, the Christmas cracker. It costs around 700M at the moment. It was dropped on Christmas 2001. The Christmas cracker is expensive because of its rarity. Most of the players who played in 2001 have now quit, or “cracked” their crackers. The Christmas cracker can be “cracked” by using it on another player. The player who cracks the cracker receives a party hat, and the player whom the cracker was used on receives a random object. It has been confirmed by JaGeX that the player whom the cracker was used on DOES NOT receive a party hat.

2. Divine spirit shield

The second most expensive item is the Divine spirit shield. It costs 488M at the moment. It is expensive because the sigil, which has to be attached to it, is a rare drop from the corporeal beast. It requires 75 smithing and 75 prayer to wield. It is currently the strongest shield in the game. It also has a special effect. 30% of the damage taken is removed, half of this 30% is removed from your prayer level, and the other half is ignored. So a player with 3 prayer points can have 6 damage removed.

3. Elysian spirit shield

The 3rd most expensive item is the Elysian spirit shield. It currently costs 443M. It can be made by using an elysian sigil on a blessed spirit shield. This requires 90 prayer and 85 smithing. Like the Divine spirit shield, the elysian spirit shield is also expensive due to the rarity of the elysian sigil. It also has a special effect which has a 70% chance of reducing the total damage inflicted by 25%. This is useful for surviving special attacks of the dark bow and Dragon claws.

4. The partyhats

The fourth most expensive items in Runescape are the partyhats. They can be obtained by cracking a Christmas cracker or buying from the G.E. There are a total of 6 partyhats:

  • Blue partyhat (436.5M)
  • Green partyhat (275.5M)
  • Purple partyhat (264.5M)
  • Red partyhat (316.2M)
  • White partyhat (351.6M)
  • Yellow partyhat (287.2M)

They give absolutely no bonuses and are worn just to show off wealth.

5. Armadyl Godsword

The 5th most expensive item in Runescape is the Armadyl Godsword. It currently costs 117M. It is currently the most expensive sword in the game. It has a high strength bonus of +132, and a very handy special attack which can inflict up to 25% extra damage. The max hit recorded by the armadyl godsword is 97. It is expensive due to its origin in the dangerous Godswar Dungeon. Furthermore, it is hard to obtain, as it is only dropped by kree’arra. Kree’arra can only be ranged or maged, where as it uses range and melee attacks.

Final note

Those were my first 5 expensive items. Part 2 will be released in 2 or 3 days, featuring more armor and weapons!

Keep checking for part 2!    

UPDATE: Click Here for Part 2.

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