100% Unban From RuneScape

This will get you unbanned from runescape.

ATTENTION – Apparently Jag-ex “patched” this. According to two people, as it didn’t work. 
UPDATE #2 – This HAS worked for 4 different people now, for all of you halfwits flaming me it doesn’t work, the real answer is you are just too thick to follow my simple instructions. If you wish to try this you must read 100% of it as there is critical instructions that must be followed correctly.
UPDATE #3 – Jag-ex have apparently made it so auto’s are perm banned and have no chance of appealing (this is UN-VERIFIED)

BIG NOTE: I have not in any way implied that doing this with a proxy works, I’ve merely noticed the topic being brought up in a post, I DID not use a proxy to do this, I used my friends computer. I’m not saying they don’t work, I’m just saying that it might work? As it’s unverified.

NOTE: 4 people so far have replied that this works.
NOTE: It is suggested you read my WHOLE post to be successful, including the FAQ I created, I’ll add to it if I get more questions.
NOTE: I typed this up fresh from my mind, it was written 100% by myself. I don’t mind you guys posting this thread on another community, as long as you give me credits. 100% if you add nothing, at least 50% if you reword it or add things like pictures etc.

OK first off make sure you have the following. (it’s not worth trying if you don’t)

- You MUST have created the account, it’s not gonna work if you are not the original owner.
-A computer other than the one you offended on with a DIFFERENT IP address.
-The EARLIEST members pin you can find, if your a credit card subscriber provide the transaction AND merchants cart ID.
-You MUST remember your previous passwords, first ever used password is VERY important.
OK so you are found guilty of (enter offence name here) and you are permanently banned, I shall show you how to get it UN-banned. 

1. GO to http://www.rune scape.com
2. Hover over account tab, scroll down to account management click it.
3. Scroll down slightly, click appeal offence.
4. Log in
5. The offence list/account status will appear, click appeal offence on the offence that caused your account to be banned.
6. Click the Selection Box some else has had access to my account
7. Now you must point the finger at an imaginary hacker.
8. Construct your appeal, I have posted a example bellow, I suggest you write your own, and use some ideas of mine bellow. 

Example appeal (it’s best that you word it yourself, but feel free to use this.)

Dear Jag-ex,

I’m afraid there has been a miss understanding, I suspect someone else has been on my account. My anti-virus detected a program named Key logger. I have noticed my characters position has been changed in-game when I logged in last week. I have safely removed the key logger and changed my password. I suspect the person who was on my account to have caused this offence.

9. Jag-ex will give you a Trackers ID then LOCK your account. 

Note: You might have to wait a short period for Jag-ex to lock the account.

Note: They will DENY the appeal if you are using the computer and IP address you committed the offence on

10. *NOTE* This is why trading accounts in the black market with UN-trusted people fail, even with no recoveries THIS is how they hack their accounts back.

Log back into rune scape by account management > Recover account (underneath should say “Recover a locked account.”

11. Insert your tracking ID

12. The recovery questions thing will come up, enter recoveries if you have them. And enter ALL the information I told you. Earliest old passwords.. Earliest members pins. Try and FILL AS MUCH AS YOU CAN.

13. Wait 2-5 days… *YAWN*

14. When Jag-ex revise the appeal and you entered ALL that I asked, they will then UNLOCK your account and the ban offence(s) will be wiped clean.

15. Enjoy Rune scape, and try your best to stay UN-banned, I have no idea if this works a second time around 

Tip: If you have more early pins, provide them in the bottom box, same with passwords, it’s not required, but it helps. At the moment you are proving you are the real owner of the account since you reported it has been hacked, so fill as much as you possibly can.

Q. Why do I need to appeal from another IP address? (Reason 1)

A. YOU MUST appeal from another IP address, if you appeal from the IP address you committed the offence on, Jag-ex will then message you back with a message saying something along the lines of “we have sufficient evidence that you committed this offence”. The IP address you committed the offence on is EVIDENCE to Jag-ex. 
Q. I don’t know my first password.

A. Nothing can be done about this, although you probably will get away with it if you can provide 3 of your EARLIEST
Q. Why do I need to appeal from a different IP (Reason 2)

A. You are blaming a “hacker” for causing the offence, the “hackers” IP is the one YOU committed the offence on. Therefore you MUST use a different IP address while appealing or they will hit you back with the “we have sufficient evidence” message.
Q. I don’t have access to another computer.

A. Library? Friends? College? School? (if rune scape.com is UN-blocked)
Q. I’m not the original owner of the account.

A. If you don’t know first passwords or earliest member pins don’t bother using this guide, it wont work for you without those credentials.

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