Alch Spots with No Randoms

Thought I’d let people know a few places that I know of that are great for alching due to no randoms appearing.

These places are perfect for botting or if you would like to not get disturbed by random events while getting up your magic level.

Places where you DON’T get random events:
Pest Control
Soul Wars
God Wars Dungeon
Kuradal’s Dungeon
Pyramid Plunder
Runecrafting Altars during Great Orb Project.
Under Daemonheim during Dungeoneering.

Pest Control
Soul Wars
Pyramid Plunder

So all of these places have no random events what so ever. Try to alch in either heavily crowded or not so crowded areas so your not reported and picked up by the Jagex Macro Detection System, if this happens, the chances of being banned is almost unavoidable.

I hope this guide helps! Please, if you have a question, comment, or anything! DO NOT hesitate to ask in the comment box below this article. Thank you and happy alch’ing!

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  1. Tarik
    Posted June 12, 2011 at 8:45 am

    i alched around 30,000 times at the dungeoneering place, just in front of the banker, without one random, so maybe im lucky or maybe it works.

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