Armoured Zombies Guide RuneScape

A guide I made for armoured zombies, the best melee experience in runescape.

Hello, and today I’m going to write a guide about armoured zombies. These are the best melee experience in runescape, and you need to finish the “Defender of varrock” quest to access them. I advise doing the “Haunted mine” quest for the salve amulet, giving a 15% damage bonus against AZ. For an extra 5% bonus, you can do the minigame “The lair of tarn razorlor” and get it enchanted. They are level 85, which in my opinion, is a good level because they don’t hit that high but have high hp, and not so high def.

Firstly, I’ll show you how to get there. Start at edgeville or wilderness volcano, it’s up to you:

Next i’ll show you the set-up and inv. Here’s what i use:

Setup: Helm – Neitiznot. Prefered for prayer bonus, can be replaced by fighter hat. Amultet – Salve amulet (e). Best amulet. Body – fighter torso. Bandos chest plate or torva body is better, but I’m not made of cash and the str bonus is the same. Legs – dragon legs. Tassy/torva is better, but like above, I’m not rich. Weapon – whip. Can be replaced by chaotic rapier/longsword or ss, but i don’t want to waste my rapiers charges. Shield – Dragon defender. Best offensive stats, can be replaced by rune def or dfs or obby shield. Gloves – barrows. Best in the game, can be replaced by regen or combat bracelet. Boots – dragon. Best, not really other options. Cape – fire. Best, can be replaced by soulwars or trimmed skillcape or obby, but i still prefer fire. Ring – life. Only because i afk and can disconnect. Prefered ring is beserker (i), beserker or warriors.

Inventory: All the drops i picked up, super set (can be replaced by extremes, or even overloads), Bunyip pouches, summoning potion and enhanced Excalibur. Bunyip and my gear i use with constant piety is a good enough food source for me, (with 90 def), and the ee spec for whenever needed. You can use another spec wep (claws/dds) if you like, but i don’t really mind, not a dramatic difference. Also, use a bonecrusher if you own one.

One of the best things is the fact that you can use prayer. If your 95 prayer+, use turmoil and soulsplit if your hp gets low (no need for protect prayers really). If your only 60+ or 70+, use piety or chivalry. I prefer putting my map upside-down for the sake of everything being better in view. To recharge prayer, go up the ladder and recharge:

As you can see, my compass is upside-down. I advise having turmoil/piety as your quick prayer, just for the sake of being able to activate it faster.

After a while, they will lose aggressiveness. You simply have to run south past this point:

They will become aggressive again for a while, when they lose it again just run past the point again. Try to keep them aggressive at all times. I guess that about wraps up my guide, thanks for looking :D

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