Bank Organizing Guide On Runescape

A guide written by slamdunk2120 and published by arron65 on how to organize your bank on runescape.

I just organized my bank and got some questions about it so I decided to make this a guide! Just copying this from the post I made in my own bank thread. Check it out too :P And yes… I did write this myself. So therefore I copyright it! B)

Mk… Here we go! Tips to clean and organize your bank!

1. Throw out Junk! Don’t keep things you don’t need. If its easily obtainable and not used often then gather up all your stuff and sell it!

a) If its not worth much / nobody will buy it then sell it to a general store or high Alch it!

B) If its not trade-able just drop it and forget about it

c) be sure that whatever you throw out can be re-obtained though! You don’t want to throw out something valuable like a quest reward that you can’t get back :o

2. Quest Items! – Throw them out! If its from a quest then most likely you’ll be able to obtain it again so unless your doing the quest really soon good bye!

3. Holiday items – The newer ones are re-obtainable from Diango in Draynor. Throw them out and if you ever want them back for some fun then just talk to him again!

4. Same things? If you have lots of pots but different doses they take up alot of room too. Just use the doses on each other and then bam! You have one spot for one potion – not like 4 spots for one potion. The same goes for unfinished arrows, unfinished bows, and things of the liking. Finish fletching them, cooking them, crafting them, whatever it is! This will surely save you room.

5. Other miscellaneous space takers – Runecrafting Tallys – Unless you obtained them from a quest and cannot get them back – GOOD BYE – Unless of course you use them alot. Also if you have a tiara and a tally of the same kind, get rid of the tally! Chances are your going to never use that tally anyways. Another thing that could take up space is tinderboxes, chisels, hammers, etc. Unless you use them often get rid of them. Chances are when you need them again you will be near a general store. Only 1gp per item.

Ok… The above should clear your bank of all the random junk you have lol. Another great thing is POH’s Costume rooms! If you have a friend or find a high level construction player, get them to make you flat-pack Costume room items (42 cons to get a costume room). You can keep capes, armors, treasure trail items, random event items, holiday items, and more in here! They are a great bank saver. You can buy some of the quality items flatpacked from construction workers relatively cheap too (I bought a costume room set for 60k this morning) ^_^

Now to organize the bank. Just group things that go together. Before you start this make sure your item changer thing is on Insert. This will help alot.

I find it best to put money and other currencies at the top. Then armors (melee, range, mage) and runes and stuff like that. Just make it organized and make sure everything is nice and neat with things that go with it (Organize by skills, usage, etc.). Finally, just keep all the random junk that doesn’t belong wherever at the bottom!

Walah! Your bank should be nice and neat now. Remember that when you put stuff back in the bank, just put them where they belong and your bank should stay nice and organized.

Don’t forget to screen it afterwards too. ^_^

And yes… I did type all that out. No copy or paste from outside sources. This is the method I use to organize my bank. Just do this every month or so. It can take anywhere from 15 minutes to an hour or more (Ya… my bank has been that unorganized).

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  1. roby338
    Posted June 24, 2008 at 9:30 am

    lol last time i orgenized was 3 months ago

    i spoend like 2 hours orgenize it

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