Before You Go Runescape Members

Thinking about making the great leap to become a Runescape paying member? Read this guide first to make sure you’re ready.

Before moving off Free Play on Runescape you should make sure that you can maximize your membership by getting all those boring F2P tasks done. Why pay for membership when you could do all those tedious tasks for free?


Before you become a member, you should have these recommended levels so you won’t have to train them, wasting your money, so you can meet members’ quest requirements.

Recommended Levels

  • Overall Combat- 60

  • Cooking -45

  • Crafting -45

  • Firemaking- 30

  • Fishing -45

  • Magic -50

  • Mining -50

  • Prayer -35

  • Ranged -30

  • Runecrafting -30

  • Smithing -40

  • Woodcutting -30

However, you could scrape through with limited enjoyment:

  • Overall Combat – 35
  • All skills level – 20


Since it’s rather easy to get money on Members’ Worlds (picking flax) you will only need about 60k to start off with. To get this, the recommended way is mining rune essence using Aubury’s teleport.

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