Best Places to Mine in RuneScape (F2P)

Detailed guide to the best places to mine in F2P, the easiest ways to get there & a few reasons why some mines shouldn’t even be bothered with.

The following are my best picks for Runescape F2P mines. Now lets start off with the mine we all know and love, the notorious “Lumby N00B Mine” aka:

Lumbridge South-Mine:


1. Not too far from the Lumbridge Bank.

2. In general there are no crowds here at all (re-spawn rate on copper/tin is also very quick).

3. Great place to level your mining skill up (if you want to be able to mine iron).

4. In my book; the best place to mine tin & copper simultaneously (5 tin & 5 copper rocks).

5. No agro mobs here (you can mine in peace).

6. Furnace in Lumbridge


1. Copper & Tin ore don’t give enough xp for those mining at higher-lvls (N00B mine for a reason!).

2. Copper & Tin ore aren’t ‘worth much’ in terms of value on the GE.

Lumbridge (South) West Mine:


1. A  short run from the Draynor bank (took 50% of my run energy to get there).

2. Has a supply of several high-lvl mining rocks: 2 adamantite, 5 mithril, & 7 coal.

3. Is the best/safest place to mine coal if you don’t meet the requirements for the mining guild ( & even if you do have 60 mining, the guild is nearly always crowded).

4. Is the best place to bank mithril (other than the mining guild).

Note: It is closer to the Draynor Bank than the Lumbridge Bank. If you have Explorer’s ring 3(or 4) you can use the cabbage teleport to shorten banking trips.


1. Mining Guild still beats it in terms of proximity to a bank.

2. You will have to wait awhile for the coal to respawn (compared to the competition in the mining guild, I’d rather mine here).


Al-Kharid Mine:


1. Has a wide varietyof mining resources: 9 iron, 5 silver, 3 mithril, 3 copper, 2 adamantite, 2 gold & 1 tin rocks.

2. Easily accessible.

3. Second best place to mine silver (behind the Crafting Guild).

4. Furnace located in Al-Kharid.

5. Musician located near route to Al-Kharid & Varrock.

6. A resource dungeon can be found here.

Note: You can use the Lumbridge bank, however if you haven’t completed the quest “Prince Ali Rescue” the toll can be quite irritating. In my opinion the routes shown are easiest.


1. Scorpions will attack those under lvl 29

2. Can be slightly crowded on certain servers

3. You will have to rest at a musician on either pathway while banking your ore (95% of my energy used running to the mine from Varrock).


Crafting Guild:


1. Has the most gold (7 rocks), silver (6 rocks) & clay (6 deposits) of f2p mines.

2. A pottery wheel & oven (as well as a water source & jug spawns) are located here.

Note: You must be wearing a brown apron in order to enter the guild. Explorer’s ring 3 should be used here for quicker banking.


1. A long run to the Falador bank

2. For those under lvl 11 you should be careful of the Highwaymen in the area

3. You must have level 40+ crafting


South-East Varrock Mine


1. Close to a bank.

2. Good place to mine iron (4 rocks) & copper (9 rocks) & tin (6 rocks).


1. Often competition if you want to mine iron here

2. If you’re under lvl 13 you should be cautious of the aggressive giant-rat near the pathway


Now For the Worst:

These places may seem like the ideal spot to mine however…..

Hobgoblin Mine(aka Bandit Camp Mine, or Hobgob Mine):

Despite the lure of: 16 iron, 20 coal, 22 mithril, and 8 adamantite rocks I strongly advise you don’t bother to trek into 36 Wilderness to get to this place.


Mining Guild:

You can take your chances on this one (37 coal & 5 mithril rocks), but when there are literally people camping a single rock, I’d consider going to another mine.

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