Best Places to Train Combat in RuneScape

This is an updated version of Runescape: Five best places to train. These are the best places to train in Runescape. The guide will be updated according to suggestions in the comments section.

This is an updated version of Runescape: Five best places to train. That guide is pretty old, I wrote it in 2007. The first 30 levels are similar, the guide will then subdivide into P2P and F2P to give you the best training places for members or free to play players.

Lv 3-15

At this stage it doesn’t really matter where you train because everything you can kill give similar exp. You can go to the cow farm near the toll gate of Al Kharid. Keep on killing the cows until your level is 14 or 15. I recommend bringing an axe and tinderbox as well. You will need food because your health will go down rapidly at your level. Get the raw beef of cows you kill and cook them on a fire. This will also help to get your cooking level up. Also bring the best gear you can. Like bronze full or whatever you can wear at the moment.

Lv 15-29

Take a lot of food. Go to Barbarian village and go down the stronghold of security. In level 1 go fight the level 12 minotaurs they are not aggressive. Do not try to fight the wolves or level 27 minotaurs. After you reach level 20 then fight the level 11 and and level 14 wolves as well as the level 12 minotaurs.

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F2P Training

LV 30 – 40

A) One option is to kill guards in Varrock or Falador. They are low level and non aggressive. Also they are in cities so getting food from the bank or Grand Exchange will be a simple task if you run out.

B) Your second option would be level 13 zombies, unlike the higher level zombies these guys are non aggressive. You can find them in Edgeville dungeon or Varrock sewers.

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  2. me
    Posted November 11, 2010 at 5:09 pm

    you left out 2 great f2p monsters
    1.flesh crawlers they have decent drops and they auto
    2. giant spiders in the pit of pestilence they are weak and give at the mininum 30k an hour

  3. freds
    Posted November 11, 2010 at 11:14 pm

    what kind of crap is this!

  4. Radio103
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    what about 40+?

  5. Youareacompletedumbass
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    @radio Dumbass…
    Press “page 1, 2, 3, 4 Next”…

    Learn to read.

  6. DANN
    Posted December 8, 2012 at 9:29 pm

    You could also go to fist of guthix and train, its best for mages since it doesnt reqire to pay any money.

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