Best RuneScape Armor Set (P2p)

The Best Runescape Armor set that gives you Defense.

This armor set is exclusivley only for P2P Runescape Players, sorry to all you die hard F2P Players. The set is a Barrows set and in my opinion it is the best Defense wise and the best PVP set. The Barrows set I am talking about is of course Torags. To wield the set you have to have 70 Attack, 70 Strength, and 70 Defense. The Torags set has really good defense and can attack through another players armor. Thats right its exactly like I typed. It can attack straight through another person’s armor like they aren’t even equiping anything. The downside to this is that they don’t hit that often. 

The armor Defense stats are: +55 Stab, +58 Slash, +54 Crush, -1 Mage, +62 Range, and +15 Summoning. This armor is great when your out there killing Ranging NPCs or Players. Another downside to this armor is that it is really bad against Magic attacks like all other Melee Armor. This armor is classified (non officialy) as “Tank” armor. You can obtain this armor from the Barrows Minigame located near Canfis. 

    Here is an Image of a player whereing full Torags Armor.

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