Best RuneScape Member Armor

Best RuneScape member armor.

So…. You’ve become a member and want to kill something good! What do you need? A weapon, of course, but also armor. This guide will show what armor is good or expensive, or bad and cheap.

  1. Dragon armor. This armor is higher than that of Rune armor, and gives excellent protection. The only bad part of it is that most of the armor is over 200k. This makes it an option for some people, but not all.
  2. Barrows. The barrows are an excellent defense…. but they degrade. They are REALLY expensive. Like I said, this armor, especially Guthan’s set, is very popular for training. They degrade after 15 hours of COMBAT and nothing else. Most of these armors are at least over 4 million gp, so they are quite expensive to replace or buy. But, their special effects are awesome, especially Guthans.
  3. Third Age. I STRONGLY NOT RECOMMEND this armor. It’s over 50 mil for the full set (Or was that for one piece?) and has the same defense stats to Dragon. This armor is more ornamental than defensive.
  4. For rangers- Blessed D’hide. These are quite good for rangers…. good magic defense, and aren’t too expensive. Each color, green, blue, or red, represent a God of Runescape. Green for Guthix, blue for Saradomin, and red for Zamorak.
  5. Bandos Armor. This armor is expensive, but REALLY GOOD. It’s defenses are higher than that of Dragon armor if you attach a shield and armor, but, like I said, expensive. It also really looks intimidating.
  6. Fighter Torso. This armor is really useful, since it’s light. It’s like a shirt, but as hard as rune or dragon. Quite useful, if you ask me. Especially for Green Dragons in the Wilderness if you encounter Revenants. This one might be hard to obtain, since you have to play a minigame and kill something called the penance queen.
  7. Granite. Granite is nice and hard, but is very heavy. It’s nice defense stats may compensate for the high weight. Not too expensive as well.


The helm of Neitiznot is always a good choice…. but requires a quest. Isn’t even that expensive at all, and after you complete the quest, you get one for free! How nice! Of course, the Dragon Full helm or stuff like that is also good, but expensive. The Helm of Neitiznot is cheap and has higher stats than dragon.

Well, considering this, I hope you  choose the best armor you think is best. Happy playing!

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