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A very detailed description of the spells in the regular spell book.

Magic is one of the most useful skills in Runescape. You can teleport nearly everywhere with magic. Magic attacks are particularly effective and high hitting on melee armors, especially from a distance. Therefore, it is recommend that you shuld get your magic to a decent level (around 60-70). The max of the whole spell book is 30, with the charged god spell, though it requires level 80 magic.

Temporary boosts:

The most simple boost is the wizard mind bomb. Though very cheap, it can raise the drinker’s magic level by 2-3, depending on your  magic level. The down side to this is that it lowers your melee stats.

Magic essence is a potion that increases your magic level by 3 when a dose is drunk. It can be made after the part where you cure the queen in Fairy tale part 2. this potion is not recommended since a better potion exist.

Magic potion is a potion that boost your magic by 4 levels, it is very popular.

Magic boosts do not stack, meaning that when you drink 2 diffenent magic boosts, you will only get the high boost and not get them both at the same time.

Combat spells:

These spells include the elemental ones (air/wind, water, earth, and fire strike, bolt, blast, and wave) and some special ones (crumble undead, Iban blast, magic dart, Saradomin strike, claws of Guthix, and flames of Zamorak)

The elemental spells are good against their opposite element (fire spells are good against most water creatures, etc.). The max hit is 20, which can be achieved by using a fire wave, which requires 75 magic or a magic boost of some sort.

Crumble undead is a pretty useful spell against undead creatures such as crawling hands, banshees, skeletons, zombies, ghosts, ankous, etc. It has a max of 15.

Iban blast is a very strong spell that requires an Iban staff be wielded, which can be obtained after the Underground Pass quest. The staff has 120 charges and can be recharged at the well where you threw in Iban’s doll. it has a max of 25 and will often hit 20s. This spell is fairly cheap, though the quest is fairly hard.

Magic dart is another pretty powerful spell that has a max of 19. It requires a wielded slayer staff, which need 55 slayer to wield. This spell is fairly popular because it is still pretty easy to obtain.

The God spells mentioned above are the most powerful with a max of 30 when using the charge spell (level 80), otherwise, it has a max of 20. A corresponding god staff has to be wielded to cast these spells, the staves can be obtained after the Mage Arena minigame.

There are some other spells that may help you in combat, these are bind, snare, entangle, curse, confuse, weaken, vulnerability, stun, and enfeeble. The first 3 are used to hold your foe in place for an amount of time and the last 6 are used to decrease your foe’s stats.

The teleport block spell is a very useful spell in PvP worlds because it will prevent your foe from teleporting from a losing battle.

Teleport spells:

The teleport spells of the regular spell book is the best. There are teleport spells to Mobilising Armies, Varrock, Lumbridge, Falador, your house, Camelot, Ardougne, Watchtower, Trollheim, and Ape Atoll. The Ardy teleport needs Plague City quest complete, te Watchtower teleport needs the Watchtower quest complete, the Trollheim teleport needs the Edgar’s Ruse complete, and the Ape Atoll teleport needs the monkey king part of Recipe for Disaster complete. The Camelot teleport is the most used teleport, because many players use it to train magic quickly. A slightly different spell called the telekenetic grab can teleport an item that you can see but not reach into you inventory.

Other spells:

These spells are not too commonly used.

The enchant bolt spells can turn tipped bolts into enchanted bolts.

The level # enchanting spells are used to enchant various jewelries.

Bones to banana/peaches transform all the bones in your inventory into bananas/peaches.

The alchemy spells are used to turn an item into money. High alchemy gets you more than low alchemy.

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