Best Thieving Experience in RuneScape, Pyramid Plunder, Guide!

The best thieving experience guide!

The best thieving experience in runescape is… *drum roll*, Pyramid plunder! Located deep in the desert, in Sophanem, pyramid plunder can give you 200k+ experience an hour! Too access Sophanem, players must’ve done a certain amount of the quest: “Icthlarin’s Little Helper”. World 64 is the pyramid plunder world.

I highly suggest finishing the quest “contact!” for use of the bank in Sophanem, or else you have to go all the way back to al-karid to bank. A thieving level of 21 is required to play, but it’s recommended to get level 51 to be more efficient. The “Pharaoh’s spectre” can be very handy, it teleports you directly to the mummy to begin the game faster.

Enhanced excalibur is also very useful, healing 200 hp from a full spec bar. A bunyip for 20hp per 15 seconds is great, it almost eliminates need for any other food. As you can get poisoned in pyramid plunder, the anti-poison totem from dungeoneering is extremely useful, otherwise you can use super anti-poisons.

Firstly i’ll talk about getting there. Start in al-karid, all you need is money and 1 waterskin. Run south and buy a shantay pass, cross through and take the carpet ride to Pollnivneach.

When you’re at Pollnivneach, run south and take the carpet ride to Sophanem. From there, open the gate and talk to the guard to get through. From here, go to the bank.

Now that you’re at the bank, ready to gear/inv up, I’ll tell you what i use: 10x super antipoisons (replaced by anti-poison totems if you have), 5 bunyip pouches, a summoning potion, 2 prayer potions (for melee praying from the mummies/scarab swarm things), my pharaohs spectre and the rest is food (usually monks).

What i wear is my enhanced excalibur as a weapon, black dragon hide top and bottom (it’s light),spottier cape and boots of lightness. It’s light gear and provides some protection.

Now let’s move onto the actual game-play of pyramid plunder. Find the mummy in one of the sides of the pyramid (or teleport to him if you have the pharaohs spectre) and begin playing (his location changes). My technique is to rush through the first few rooms until i get to my second last one i can access. Room 1 is level 21, room 2 level 31, room 3 level 41, and so forth until room 8 is level 91.

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