Certain Items to Merchant in RuneScape (F2P)

This guide is based on what I use for merchanting in Runescape as an F2P player.
Note : Different guides will tell you different things to merchant with, but I will only mention the items that I use for merchanting. This does NOT mean that other guides are incorrect or wrong. But feel free to try my methods.

     Merchanting is a form of earning money through investment. In short, buying items for low, and then selling it for a higher price. Many millionaires in Runescape will tell you that cash is earned through woodcutting, mining, runecrafting and so on. But half of the time, it’s actually done through a method called merchanting. The recommended amount of cash to start merchanting with would be 300K-500K.

     Now merchanting can be done in a few ways.

     1) The most common way is to buy an items for low or medium prices, and then selling them for slightly more than the originally bought price.

     2) Others may prefer to buy an item when the price is dropping, and then simply wait for the price to go up and then sell it for a lot more than what they bought it for.

     3) Another way would be to buy raw materials, work with them and sell the end product for more than the cost of the raw materials.

     Now the first method will take the most patience. This is simply because, if you have been able to buy an item for a medium or low price, chances are, people won’t be very willing to pay much more for that same item. However, there are some wealthy players out there who are usually willing to pay more cash so they won’t have to wait for that item. So this requires a bit of patience and also depends a lot on your luck. Such items to merchant with this method are equipment like certain armour (usually rune armour for F2P). You could try buying a huge supply of rune full helms, scimitars etc. They can be bought medium price or for slightly less than the market price. They can then be sold for slightly higher. Therefore, the bigger amount of cash you have to start with, the more items you can purchase, hence increasing your profits.

     The second method requires more skill than patience. You’ll need to be good at reading the market, the patterns of the prices, the price graphs and so on. This can all be done at the Runescape Grand Exchange Database section. By doing this, many players jump on items that are usually popular and in high demand when their prices are dropping. Prices tend to fluctuate everyday, so if you’re good at this, cash will come rolling in pretty easy. Items that tend to fluctuate more than others are, of course, rare holiday items. These can only be bought by the richest players in Runescape. Other items would be such as God Armour equipment, gold-trimmed and trimmed stuff and even foods and runes. Simply jump on an item that’s dropping drastically just when it’s about to rise again. I do this with Saradomin armour, and I’ve done it with Guthix and Zamorak as well. They all work, but Saradomin tends to work better. I usually buy all the parts individually for market price, and then sell them in a set for max price on the Grand Exchange. This has earned me 200k-250k a night without me having to do anything at all.

     Finally, the raw materials method. My personal favourite would be to buy iron ores and coals individually and smelt them all at one go. This earns me some smithing exp at the same time as getting a few hundred thousand gp as well. For example, I usually buy 1k iron ores and 2k coals. I then go to Al-Kharid to smelt them all at once. Once I have smelted them all together into 1k steel bars, I then sell them. It works well, and gives you smithing exp with no loss of cash. This can be done with mithril bars as well, but steels are a lot faster and easier to sell, due to their high demand on the market.

     This is a pretty simple guide, but I’ve made a pretty decent amount of cash with these steps. So good luck, and I apologize for any mistakes or errors in my post.

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  1. amer
    Posted September 27, 2009 at 5:39 am

    YEAH ! awesome way to get money !
    thnx so much
    ppl arent gonna call me anoob when they see ownin mills!

  2. Sarag
    Posted February 22, 2010 at 9:38 pm

    hehe my fave way is mining rune essence its quick and fun and these r great wayz :3

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